How to Save a LOT of Money with Holiday Clearance

picture of Sometime Clearance isn't worth it! lol

Now is the best time to get some great Christmas clearance items. Of course last week was the best time to stock up on bows, ribbons, and wrapping paper at 50% off. Now is the time to get Christmas tshirts, sweatshirts, and pjs. It is also the time to stock up on paper products, bulbs, table cloths, cookie tins, pet toys, and stocking stuffers. Most stores are at 75% off now so you can really grab some super deals. I always buy ahead for next year with everything listed above. I save a lot of money this way. There is still time for you too. Drug stores really give you deep discounts up to 90% off!

We went to Walmart today and spotted some great deals.

picture of Sometime Clearance isn't worth it! lol
Sometime Clearance isn't worth it! lol

So, THAT wasn’t one of the deals we spotted. I found great toys marked down 50% or more. I guess having 2 kids birthdays right after Christmas isn’t so bad after all!


Plus, I found a beautiful cream color table cloth with matching cloth napkins for only $2.25. Of course they also had red, green, and table cloths with Christmas patterns but the cream table cloth, I can use year-round. You cannot beat $2.25! I only bought one for myself and one for my mom, I should have bought more. When I went back 20 minutes later, the last 10 had disappeared! Plenty of the others are left though!

picture of $2.25 Table Linen Set
$2.25 Table Linen Set

I like to buy my kids t-shirts after Christmas for the next year. Who can pass up $1 for a Christmas t-shirt?! I didn’t any today at WalMart but maybe tomorrow. I did find my nephews tshirts. I also find a great deal on Christmas pajamas. How does $3 sound for button down, snugly pjs with matching socks? Pretty amazing! I bought a pair for my daughter, and every other girl on my shopping list for next year. If you are reading this and related, act surprised next year when you unwrap it! ha ha

picture of $3 Pajamas and $1 Shirts
$3 Pajamas and $1 Shirts

So, these are some of my finds today.  I encourage you to browse through the clearance section of Walmart, Target, drugstores, and even grocery stores a few days after Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or any holiday. You’ll pay pennies on the dollar, saving you big money for the next year. Just don’t forget where you stash your deals. I always pack my finds with that season’s house decor. So, all of my Christmas finds today will be packed away with my  Christmas decorations. It is always so fun to find new stuff the next year all ready to go.

What is your best Clearance Find? How do you save money?

Let us in on your secrets, we’d love to learn from you.

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