Invite this 8′ Tarantula to Your Home this Halloween

8' Creepy Crawler from Hammacher Schlemmer (3)

All eyes are on the 8′ tarantula hanging from our house this season! We are excited to review the 8′ Creepy Crawler from Hammacher Schlemmer, the best place to find unexpected gifts for all occasions.

8' Creepy Crawler from Hammacher Schlemmer Review

This 8′ Creepy Crawler  is a giant inflatable that is also animated and lights up!

My kids and their friends love the giant spider hanging from our roof! The built-in 14.4 watt air blower keeps it inflated perfectly and with no hassle, the constant flow keeps the tarantula’s 8 legs and body inflated and properly positioned to climb the walls!

Since we have a double flat-roof house, we keep our tarantula stationary but it is still just as impressive in size, shape, and colors. We love that this spider delights everyone during the daytime and at nighttime – which is even more important for trick or treating night as it will still be light out.

There are LED lights in the eyes, abdomen, and thorax to give it a spooky glow both day and night, but this feature is especially exciting to see at night.

Installing the 8′ Creepy Crawler is easy. Simply attach the 4′ long cord to your home, I attached ours secular to our gutters on the top of our flat roof. Plug in the unit, and it is ready to go. We have our plug on a switch, so I can turn it on and off with a flick of a switch. You may need to just simply plug and unplug the inflatable as you want it on or off.

Hurry now to get this fun Halloween decoration to our home in time for Halloween! It ships within 1 day from the Hammacher Schlemmer website. But it now for $149.95. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, they will replace or refund the cost of the item at any time if needed.

Also check out their Two Story Inflatable Black Cat by Hammacher Schlemmer!

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