Make Money Online for Christmas – just by using Facebook

Christmas Affiliate Program

Sure, AOM is great.  We have a set of platforms for Facebook, Twitter (under utilized, we know!) and other methods for sharing our stories, for the occasional buck.    Last month Groupon had a awesome deal for from Norton’s Custom Spray company- they came out and aerated our yard for $50.

The deal was so awesome, we had to share- and all we did was share it on Facebook.  We earned $15 of “groupon bucks’ for that simple shout out about a product that we love!

[sws_green_box box_size=”516″] With the Christmas Holidays coming up very soon, now is the time to start thinking about making a few extra bucks through easy social sharing![/sws_green_box]

Once you do the sign up for various sites with affiliate programs, whether it be Groupon, Amazon, or other niche Christmas related sites, you are 1/2 way there to earning extra cash for Christmas to supplement your gift expenses this year!

Suggested Christmas Affiliate Program

If you’ve been following AOM for more than a year, you will know that we were part of an exciting Affiliate Program last year from FreeMooseMugs.  They were selling, you guessed it, moose mugs- from the Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation Movie.  They sold a bunch THROUGH Akron Ohio Moms and we made some money!

Basically,  make 5% of all sales you generate- and when you consider that the average size order is $189, that’s $10 bucks a sale.

Sign Up for the Affiliate Program.

So, What Do I Do?

The Affiliate Program allows you to craft all sorts of custom banners for websites, emails for sending to your friends, but what is very cool is the ability to share awesome product via facebook RIGHT from the product page.  See the image below.

Christmas Affiliate Program

What this allows you to do is just browse the store (YOU MUST be Logged in to the affiliate program), and, every once in a while, suggest a fun cool product right to your facebook friends or fan page!  This shares an AFFILIATE link to those looking at your page- giving you the opportunity to make the 5%.    The products are just so cool, that, you won’t look like a spammer.

Try it out, you will be surprised at how quickly your Christmas Savings Account adds up!

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