The Best Baby’s 1st Easter Gift

As we approach Easter this year  I found myself struggling with what to put in Scarlett’s 1st “real”Easter Basket. I wanted something special but I was having a hard time finding just the right thing. But then I remembered the personalized Christmas books By I See Me, that the boys got a while back and thought how perfect would an Easter book be.

easterbook ideas
Egg-cellent Easter, My Snuggle Bunny and My Little Book of Blessings.

I received product in exchange for this post.

Easter Books

When I pulled up I See Me’s website , I knew I was looking for an Easter themed book. I found 3 books that I felt fit the bill. The 1st was Egg-Cellent Easter, this one is a coloring book so it wasn’t the best fit for a 1 year old but would be great for a toddler or preschooler. The next one was My Little Book of Blessings, this is adorable and contains 10 simple blessings for kids that can be personalized to the child and family members, this was close but not quite Easter-y. The final book I found was My Snuggle Bunny it is an adorable gift set with stuffed bunny!


My Snuggle Bunny

What made My Snuggle Bunny the right fit for me? To start with the bunny that comes with the book is IDENTICAL to the bunny in the story.  Also once personalized it uses the child’s name 7 times not including the title. One of the greatest things about babies development is when they recognized their name and know you are talking to or about them. I love the way Scarlett’s eyes light up when she hears her name. So My Snuggle Bunny will feel very personal to her. She is also just at the age where she is loving to snuggle everything cuddly. I adore that it’s also a counting primer as it counts 10 ways Snuggle Bunny loves her! It’s just too cute!

snuggle bunny

About I See Me

I See Me was started after the owners got a personalized book for their son, that they adored but they thought could have been better. So they created I See Me with quality illustrations, and books as personalized as possible. Their mission is to create personalized books that increase self-esteem and celebrate the unique qualities of each child they are given to. I See Me books are a great way to teach your child to spell their name without even trying and build vocabulary skills while getting one-on-one time with their loved ones. To order and receive by EASTER Complete your order by March 14!

scarlett with My snuggle bunny

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