How to Throw a DisneySide Playdate Party

How to Throw a DisneySide Playdate Party

I love throwing themed parties, I always have! Now that I have kids, I find myself throwing themed parties and playdates all the time. It only takes a bit more effort and creativity but the kids love it and have a blast! I was chosen to host a DisneySide party again this year. Last year, I threw a huge party and it was a big, big deal.

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If you want tips on how to throw the ultimate Disney themed party, check out my DisneySide Party post. This year has been out of the ordinary. Our puppy unexpectedly died in a car accident which has left us not in the party mood. Then, we decided to rip up our dining room and kitchen floor due to house settling issues. We were in no position for a full blown party so I decided to throw a DisneySide playdate party for my kids and their friends. It was just what we needed and everyone had a great time!

How to Throw a DisneySide Playdate Party

Disney Them Playdate Party Games

You can find a ton of games, printables, and activities that are Disney themed online, especially on Pinterest.  Most games  are either free or inexpensive to put together for your Disney playdate or party.


Pick something age appropriate for your kids and specific theme. We had several word finds and puzzles for our playdate. The kids even took extras home to work on and share with their siblings. disneyside

The girls especially like the Disney FROZEN printables.10958543_353183798203154_155705764_n

We also played “Pin the Smile on Mickey” because no party is complete without blindfolds and silliness!

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Disney Themed Food

For our Disney playdate party, all of the kids came home on the bus together. You know how hungry kids are after school! I made all of the food Disney themed and the kids love it.

We started out with Foodles snacks of apples, cheese, and grapes – a healthy after school snack anytime but extra fun for parties!


Next, we worked together to make Mickey Mouse head pizzas. The kids enjoyed cutting out the dough for Mickey Mouse ears and head. Next, they added their own toppings. You can find this recipe as well as many other recipes and DisneySide theme ideas on my DisneySide Pinterest Board.10995146_1547083558877403_1617959301_n

How to Throw a DisneySide Playdate Party
How to Throw a DisneySide Playdate Party

The Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treats were a huge hit. You know how easy it is to make rice krispy treats, for the Mickey Mouse shape, I just used a Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter to cut the rice krispies. Easy Peasy – and oh, so adorable!10954457_789210437829739_1116419191_n

Another dessert that I made was sugar-free jello with raspberries. It was made way more fun in a Mickey Mouse cake pan. Such a simple thing to do but it made the kids happy. 11015490_1575298829353861_982069734_n

I also prepared mini sausages with Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce. The adults liked it but it was a little zesty for the kids. 11022922_1558333754434488_1371101878_n

Also for the adults, I had Twinings Herbal Tea. One thing that I like about playdates is that it usually includes time to catch up with other moms while the kids are playing. :) disney

Disney Props and Decorations

We had plenty of Disney themed decorations and props all around to make it a festive playdate, including mouse ears for everyone to wear! You can have kids come dressed in their favorite Disney costume or t-shirt as well to carry out the theme. Have props and themed clothing also makes for fun pictures!


Even though it is “just a playdate” I decorate to make it fun and exciting! It just takes a few extra minutes to make things extra special.

Disney Prizes and Goody Bags

For parties, I usually have goody bags for everyone and a few big prizes that can be earned. For this playdate, I surprised the kids with a moderately ‘big’ prize for each child. I found action figures for the boys from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie – they were super excited! For the girls, I had Cinderella’s Horse figures – this was a big hit because of the recent release of CINDERELLA in theaters.


Sometimes even for parties, I will purchase toys like the above instead of goody bags because often, they are about the same price! I spent about $3-4 on the toys above. When you buy special bags, novelty themed toys, and candy, it is often about the same price for a goody bag of items that will either get lost or not played with after the party!

How to Throw a DisneySide Playdate Party How to Throw a DisneySide Playdate PartyThe kids loved the take-home prizes!!

Plan Your DisneySide Playdate Party

Now it is time to plan your DisneySide Playdate Party! Browse my DisneySide Pinterest Page and visit the DisneySide website for more great ideas and many other ways to show your DisneySide!

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