Mark Your Calendars for Canton’s Magical Big Balloon Build!

Canton Ohio Magical Big Balloon Build

As a mom who absolutely loves to find unique and joyous experiences for my family and to share with you, my readers, imagine how excited I was when I discovered the Magical Big Balloon Build. I’ve never heard or seen anything like it!

Canton Ohio Magical Big Balloon Build

This July, the Cultural Center for the Arts in Canton, Ohio, will be transformed into a world of wonder with the Big Balloon Build event. This is not just any event; it’s a first-of-its-kind spectacle just south of us in Canton, Ohio.

Canton Ohio Magical Big Balloon Buildottom Canton Ohio Magical Big Balloon Buildottom

It looks like an event that both the youngest of kids to the oldest of adults will enjoy! I have plans to visit with the youngest in my family, my 1 year old nephew as well as my parents with my teens.

Canton Ohio Magical Big Balloon Buildottom

Imagine this: You and your kids step into a land of fantasy intricately crafted from hundreds of thousands of balloons. Yes, you read that right – balloons – every child’s dream! The event will showcase the skills of 130 of the world’s most talented balloon artists. These artists will use their incredible skills to transform the Cultural Center into an enchanted balloon wonderland over four days of intensive creativity.

Canton Ohio Magical Big Balloon Buildottom

A local Canton, Ohio company, Inspired Balloon Designs offers people like you and I the opportunity to turn our own parties and events into something extra special with custom designs and grab and go garland.  Abby Messner, owner of Inspired Balloon Designs, has been working for 2 years with ArtsinStark to make this event happen for all of us. Their hard work is about to turn their dream into a spectacular event that promises to be a feast for the eyes and the imagination. The Big Balloon Build is not just an exhibition; it’s an experience – a journey into a whimsical world where fantasy meets reality. It is a time to see that spark in your kids eyes that only happens when they see and experience something new for the first time – what moms live for, am I right??

Canton Ohio Magical Big Balloon Buildottom Canton Ohio Magical Big Balloon Build

Whether you have toddlers, tweens, or teens, this is an event for all ages.

The Big Balloon Build is taking place from July 18-22, 2024, at the Cultural Center for the Arts. This balloon extravaganza is only possible with the collaboration between the visit of Inspired Balloon Designs, the world’s best balloon artists and ArtsinStark – an organization that has been championing the arts to create smarter kids, new jobs, and healthier communities for over 50 years.

Canton Ohio Magical Big Balloon Buildottom


Tickets and special packages will be available for purchase later this year. I highly recommend keeping an eye on for all the details. This is one of those events you won’t want to miss, so mark your calendars and get ready to buy your tickets.

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