It’s Time for Laser Tag Fun with Laser X Micro Blasters!

laser x micro blaster review

The fun of laser tag is now attainable at home at an affordable price with Laser X Micro Blasters! Play inside, outside, day, or night with a friend or team! The updated technology makes laser tag at home possible and so, so much fun for the whole family!

Check out Laser X Micro Blasters in action:

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As you can see, my kids are competitive and have so much fun with Laser X Micro Blasters! The beams shoot up to 100 feet away, so there is plenty of room to run around while getting your opponent! Laser X even has a Long-Range Blaster that can shoot up to 400 feet away for even more competitive fun!

The Micro Blasters are light, easy-to-use, and convenient to carry while hiding! Unlike the old-fashioned laser guns that were long, difficult to use, and heavy, Micro Blasters won’t slow the game down. Plus, the lighting and sound effects make it even more fun!! You get to choose whether you are on the red team, blue team, or rogue – so your shots only count against opponents – not team members if you work as a team. With each shot, you’ll hear whether it is a hit or miss. You’ll know if you get shot! Believe me! Your light will turn yellow and you’ll hear the sound. Once you’ve been shot 10X, you’ll turn red and die!

There is a constant beep (and light) that is on while in use. The beeping sound helps you not to forget to turn off your blaster when you are done – saving your batteries!

The receiver goes on arm with an armband and is connected by a wire to the blaster. It’s so exciting when you hit your target!

Reloading is super quick and easy too, just hold down the button for a few seconds to reload charges for your blaster. As you can see, the Micro Blasters are quite small and easy to store or take with you to your friend’s house for the big neighborhood battle. We only have 4 blasters but are planning to buy at least 2 more so that my kids can compete against each other and their friends for our next hang out or sleep over. We  haven’t tried it with a group but you can select your team by selecting your color on the blaster and work together to fight against the opposing team.

Move over, Nerf gun wars in the house, here comes the more advanced, cleaner, and less painful Laser X blasters for indoor and outdoor – day or night fun!

Yes, it is fun for adults too! Family game night just got more exciting!! One thing that I love about my kids getting older is that we can do more fun things together! Once your kids get ‘big’ don’t stop playing with them. This is your chance to have fun too – embrace it!

If you are looking for a new game for your kids (ages 6+) this summer, you’ve gotta pick up Laser X Micro Blasters! They won’t break the bank either at $29.99 for a double set and $14.99 to equip a single player. Pick up your Laser X blasters on the website or at Walmart, Costco and Target and on

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