Mom, we are lucky to have so many brave people where we live…

My kids and I were stopped at a traffic light this morning with our windows down. Elijah saw a uniformed army man next to us on a motorcycle. He yelled Hi! The man was so friendly and said hi back, asking what he was doing today. He told Elijah that he looked like he was a nice boy and to have fun with his mom today. What a friendly man.

I asked Elijah if he knew he was an army man, he didn’t. He was just impressed by the motorcycle, I guess. I told him that he was and that he was a brave man. Elijah said, “Yea, he is so brave that he will sacrifice his life for everyone.” Wow, my son gets it! Then, he said, “Mom, we are lucky to have so many brave people where we live.” Isn’t that the truth!?

My 6 year old son gets it. He realizes from a young age that brave men and women choose to fight for our country so that we all can enjoy the freedom only found in the United States of America. I was pretty proud that my son understood that and recognizes that man’s bravery.

As we approach the Fourth of July with all of the festivities this weekend, let’s not forget the many sacrifices people have made in the military and beyond to make our country as great as it is today. We have a history filled with amazing people, let’s celebrate our history, our freedom, our people, and the God that blesses us each and every day this Independence Day.

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