Daddy This is TV, or Why I Feel Old

My husband tried to intervene the  other nightand pull the children away from watching minecraft modification videos on YouTube on our Family Room Television.

[exceptional-citing quoted=”matt” template=”bubble-blue” date=”” ]Elijah it’s time to watch regular TV.[/exceptional-citing] [exceptional-citing quoted=”elijah-head-tilted,-age-8″ template=”bubble-dark-green” date=”” ]Daddy this is regular TV.   But Better.[/exceptional-citing]

My husband was simply stunned by the reality.  YouTube IS TV.  On Demand What do you want to watch is the norm.  We’ve not had broadcast television in our house in over a year, and, well, we certainly don’t miss the commercials.  But the effect and difference on our son is interestingly profound.

Thinking that my husband was hurt, he went on.

[exceptional-citing quoted=”elijah-head-tilted,-age-8″ template=”bubble-dark-green” date=”” ]Daddy I’m Sorry, but it’s true.[/exceptional-citing]

Hmm, nothing is wrong here, nothing is bad, its just that a different set of experiences is taking shape.  Not sure if I like it, maybe I am just not sure if I want to feel old and stuck in the 90s, or 80s, or 60s for that matter- 60s kids had the same TV experience I did.

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