Disney FROZEN Opens Thanksgiving Day! What We Thought

With children ages 6 and 8, I am a big fan of Disney animated movies!

Disney FROZEN Review

Like BRAVE, Disney FROZEN offered a unique family oriented plot-line that spent very little time on romantic love. On the serious side of things, Disney FROZEN focused on, of all things, mental health, long term fear, and trust.  The movie itself had very little evil, but circumstances simply got out of hand providing plenty of danger and a fabulous plot line.

This is not a typical “princes saves the princess” theme, Disney FROZEN showcases the strength of females and of family. The bond of sisters is at its best in Disney FROZEN, showing that no matter what happens, nothing compares to the love between sisters.

Is Disney FROZEN worth seeing in 3D?

I did see FROZEN in 3D.  There were plenty of scenes that relied heavily on 3D animation to affect the viewer.  But most honestly, I felt that the 3D was best felt in its use as a form of art.  With ice being a three dimensional object, the 3D viewing added depth on what would be an otherwise flat landscape. I normally do not opt for 3D, but with Disney FROZEN, it is worth it!

Disney FROZEN Spoilers

Hover Over Each Head to Find out Our Favorite Parts! (SPOILERS!)

I liked how Elsa finally found freedom from her “curse” up on the mountain but ultimately at the very end.

I liked all of the snowman parts, and the 3D part when the reindeer and people were walking under the drooping frozen willow tree.[/exceptional-citing][exceptional-citing quoted=”elizabeth-o.,-age-6″ template=”infotip-four” date=”” ]I liked the part when the snowman lost his head and when Elsa made the ice bridge.

FROZEN arrives in theaters on Thanksgiving Day!

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