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Incredibles 2 Review

After a long wait, our favorite super hero family is back in INCREDIBLES 2, in theaters now! In a sequel that lives up to the high expectations, this action-packed, visually thrilling movie is sure to be this summer’s biggest hit!

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INCREDIBLES 2 picks up right where INCREDIBLES left off, seemingly frozen in time.  The Parr family works together to fight the Underminer! Your kids will have fun with this Underminders puzzle download.

Of course, it was illegal for the Parrs and Frozone used their powers against Underminer. Even though they save the city, they have to go into hiding.

In INCREDIBLES 2, the super heroes get the chance to make it legal to use super powers. Elastagirl is approached to lead the campaign, which means Mr. Incredible is left home to care for the family.

Elastigirl meets new super heroes that also want to come out into the public and use their powers for good. It is all really exciting for Elastigirl as she goes to work to get things done.

Meanwhile, Bob finds himself in the Daddy doldrums as he suddenly is the at-home caregiver of three children including a toddler with newly revealed super powers. This is challenging to say the least!

I love this clip! Haven’t we all stooped down to offering a cookie when all else fails as a parent? It’s not pretty but parenting can be a challenge at times, especially new parents that are running on no sleep like Bob. Try the Incredibles 2 Jack Jack Cookie Recipe.

Don’t worry, this isn’t another story about a dad that can’t handle the pressure of fatherhood. Bob finds his confidence and overcomes many obstacles in his new role, revealing his real super power of being an awesome dad. Download this Jack Jack coloring sheet for your kids to color.

Director Brad Bird knows that the popularity of INCREDIBLES is not just the story of super heroes, but it is the story of family that we all love and adore. “I realized that the super hero aspect of the story didn’t interest me nearly as much as the whole family dynamic,” he
says. “I think that people see themselves in these characters and that’s why they fell for them the way they did. ‘The Incredibles’ and now
‘Incredibles 2’ are really stories about a family.

Yes, you’ll find so many ways that you can relate to all of the characters in INCREDIBLES. I love that about the movie. For instance, we all have to help around the house. You’ll see that in the opening clip above where everyone is trying to do their ‘job’ while also watching Jack-Jack. We all need to help around the house, and INCEDIBLES is actually helping you with that this summer with this awesome INCREDIBLES 2 Coupon Book.

Download here: INCREDIBLES 2 Coupon Book to print two pages of fun coupons that you can use for chores and fun this summer. It reminds me of the Instant Gratification Chore Chart my family uses.

Focused on family but also action, INCREDIBLES 2 provides visually stunning fight scenes against the ‘bad guy’ throughout with Elastigirl in most scenes. You’ll love the teamwork showcased at the end, to which I’m not revealing because you really want to see it in the theater!!

INCREDIBLES 2 is in theaters everywhere! Make plans to see it with your whole family – kids and adults alike will adore this sequel after the long 14 year wait!!


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