SHERLOCK GNOMES is now in theaters. Plan to take your kids to see this movie over Spring Break/ Easter Break. It is a delightful movie with plenty of laughs to go around. The theme of friendship and putting those you love first make this movie a must-see for families. If you are a Sherlock fan, you’ll love this movie even more!

The gnomes have moved to a not-so-lovely garden in London but that is the least of their worries. Gnomes all over London are being kidnapped and nobody is trying to find them…until Sherlock Gnomes is contacted. I was a little confused before seeing the movie because it looked like he was a human in the movie, not a gnome. In this movie, there are several beings that are not traditional gnomes but animated figures, including Sherlock, Watson, and Moriarty. They are small like the gnomes.

Typical of the character of Sherlock, in this movie he begins as arrogant and takes Watson for granted. It seemed a little too much, even for Sherlock. Out of character, Watson surprised both Sherlock and the audience with a behavior unlike him. In the end, all is well and their friendship is what is valued most.

A similar story line runs with Juliet and Gnomeo. With added responsibilities, it is easy for our priorities to get out of whack. This is true for garden gnomes too. :)

This action-packed, clue sleuthing movie is sure to entertain young and old.


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