THE LION KING Roars to Life July 19, 2019


The wait is almost over. THE LION KING will be roaring into theaters on July 19th and you won’t want to miss it! This film will have you reliving your precious memories of THE LION KING from your childhood and when you first introduced the movie to your kids. It will also have you second guessing what is real and what is not. This film is phenomenal, using pioneering virtual filmmaking techniques that brings this favorite story to live on the big screen!

The movie begins in the beautiful African savanna where Simba, the future king is born. This is when my family started scratching our heads, wondering what was real and not. The animals were so life-like, especially the mouse scene. Amazing, it simply amazing how Disney brought to life this favorite classic movie with their mind-blowing techniques and technologies.  They seemlessly blended together live-action filming techniques with photoreal computer-generated imagery that will leave you feeling like you are watching real life scenery and animals unfold the story before your very eyes.

With all the realism of THE LION KING, the story is untouched and remains true to the classic version we all know and love. The adorable baby Simba is cuter than you could imagine and gets into trouble like any young one. He soon encounters the hyenas and Scar. I know many moms are wondering if the ‘fight scenes’ and ‘death scene’ are going to be too much for their children since this looks like a live-action movie. You know your child better than anyone else. However, this movie falls right in line with the original animated movie. There is no added blood or gore to worry about. If the fight and death scene disturbs your child in the animated, then I’d say it will in this rendition as well. We watched the movie with several kids ages, 11, 12, and 14. They all thought kids in first grade will be just fine.

Of course after the death of King Mufasa, Simba had big footprints to fill. As the story goes, he won’t get to that until after he runs away from his home and family after his father’s death.
This is when the comic relief comes into the movie with Timon and Pumbaa! We LOVED this part of the movie, especially with all the singing!  Just expect the audience around you at the theater to burst into song when they sing Hakuna Matata, you just can’t help but join in!

I love the carefree life Simba had with Timon and Pumbaa, feasting on grubs but when Nala escapes the reign of Scar, the story changes quickly. Simba and Nala fall in love – so sweet – and Simba realizes he must return, it’s his duty.

The fight back for the throne of THE LION KING was intense, but again, no blood or gore. Disney did an amazing job of bringing the story to life, building on what we all love about the story without losing the special moments that bring back all of our fond memories of when we watched the movie as a child and when we first introduced the story to our own children. We LOVE THE LION KING and can’t wait to watch it again on July 19, 2019 with friends!

Get your tickets for THE LION KING now on Fandango! You won’t want to miss this exciting family adventure movie!

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