Veil Of Tears: Hope Is Coming – Movie Review

As a woman who grew up overseas, my heart has a soft spot for women in poverty around the world. This film from the Saylor Brothers, worked with an organization called Gospel for Asia, they have worked with women in India who have gone through traumatic life experiences because of how the Indian culture views women’s roles.

Narrated by gospel singer Natalie Grant, Veil of Tears tells the untold stories of millions of impoverished women in India who are culturally oppressed for no other reason except for being a woman.

Many faces of women in India.
Many faces of women in India.

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A Documentary of Hope In a World of Tears

Veil of Tears opened my eyes to just how disposable many in the Indian culture see women. It told stories of not only poverty, but how these women over came their situations of abuse from their husbands or in-laws, through faith and from the support of believers.

Some of you may remember in December of 2012, a young woman in India was gang raped on a bus and later died. This situation was very publicized by the media, however there are women in India who experience this all the time. This movie saddened me to see the statistics of suicide in women in India, which is 21 times the worldwide average. Many women in poverty choose to commit suicide because their husbands beat them, or sell their wives as prostitutes.

As a mom, hearing these women’s stories was heartbreaking. When pregnant, Indian women want to have a boy, because that is seen as good luck. A daughter is seen as bad luck and if you have more than one daughter, you are thought to be cursed. I have 2 beautiful daughters that I can’t imagine living without. Many women are forced to have abortions if they find they are carrying a daughter.

Those families who live in the slums are sometimes forced to sell their children in the market just because they cannot afford to feed their children. The women who were interviewed and shared their stories about selling their children were heart breaking.

In India, when a marriage is arranged, the bride’s family must pay a dowry to the groom and his family. While this is a written law that you may not request dowry, many do not follow this law. If the bride’s family cannot pay the full dowry that is being asked, the punishment is taken out on the bride, she may be beaten, poisoned, or murdered.

Veil of Tears: Hope Is Coming, would be great for a church during missions conference, or if you are looking for a cause to get behind, please consider watching this documentary and visit, to see how you can help start your own campaign or donate.

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Megan is a stay at home mom of 2 girls, 5 and 4 years old. Currently, Megan lives in the Youngstown area. Megan grew up overseas with parents who were missionaries. She hopes to give a global perspective to her writing, as well as ideas of how to bring different cultures into your home in a fun way. Megan likes to spend her time crafting, creating DIY gifts, cooking, and discovering new fun places to go with her family.
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