My Lucky Elephant Movie Review

luckyMy Lucky Elephant is an inspiring movie that the whole family can enjoy watching together. Life is better when you share it with a friend. That is true for all of us and especially for the main character of My Lucky Elephant. The scene starts with a young orphaned boy with no hope and no future.

Not too far off, a herd of elephants lose their wandering baby Elephant that got lost in the woods. The boy finds the baby elephant, becomes friends, and names him “Lucky.” The orphaned boy and Lucky the elephant quickly become friends, working, playing, and growing up together.


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The boy finds his new baby elephant friend is his way to employment and a way to survive.  They move from job to job and end up in a bustling city, trying to find their way.  Throughout, they run into a young woman and her elephant, Candy. The elephants quickly like each other but when employment ends, they go separate ways.

The orphaned boy and elephant cant’ catch a break and are left unemployed, without food, and try selling sugar cane to those in the busy city. Authorities aren’t pleased with this and push them out of the city.

Finally, they catch a break at the Academy of Art, where elephants learn to paint.  Throughout the movie, the elephant comes across ways to express his inner artist from drawing in the sand to splashing paint. It turns out that he is a natural at painting on canvases for this tourist attraction.  And, his elephant girl friend and young lady are working at the same location.

Through many challenges and surprises, the orphaned boy and the young lady notice the true love between their elephants. Will they allow them to escape into the wild? Where will they go? How will they make their way in the world without their elephant friends?

Be sure to pick up a cop of My Lucky Elephant to find out the answers in this heart-warming, family movie.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Katrina Wan PR who provided the products for review

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