Nice Tomato! Coloring Books with a Purpose

Don’t you love going to restaurants that have paper on the tables and crayons to use?  I don’t know about your family, but with mine, we always end up drawing silly pictures together, or playing tic-tac-toe till the food gets there, and often long after.  It ends up being a fun thing where everybody is giggling and having a good time.  Why not give that a shot at home, too, and do some good at the same time with Nice Tomato coloring books?   I’ll tell you all about the “something good” in just a minute.

The folks at Nice Tomato sent us a packet to check out a few days ago, and my kids could not wait to dive into it when they arrived home from school (they are 8 and 10) .  I kid you not, they spent a good hour working diligently on their respective pages.  That meant no electricity was used during that time on TV, X-box, tablets, or any other devices that they are normally drawn to like candy.  That meant that there was no squabbling, just nice, peaceful children occupied in their own thoughts, coloring away.  It was a beautiful thing indeed.

nicetomatocoloredpagesI love so many things about this coloring book such as:

  • The book makes use of every single inch of space, including the front and back covers.
  • The pictures are quirky and fun, and not baby like at all.  It’s hard to find a coloring book that does not have princesses or superheroes or babyish themes.
  • The pages are perforated, making them easy to tear out and display, or even frame.
  • The crayons or markers you receive are TOP NOTCH.  You know how cheap crayons are no fun.   In our kit, we got four super sturdy crayons that worked great.
    check out how it works here

Now, here’s the kicker.  You know how I told you that you’d be doing “something good” when buying these coloring books?  With each coloring book packet that you purchase online, another coloring book kit is given to a kid in a hospital.  How great is that?!  The company sends boxes of supplies to hospitals all over the country.  These would really brighten the day of a kid who’s having a hard time.  That’s my favorite thing about Nice Tomato coloring books.

The books are filled with positive messages like “don’t be sour, be sweet.” Love that!

You can purchase them as a one time gift, or as a monthly recurring subscription.  Either way, the same coloring book kit will go to another kid who really needs it. Promise me you’ll do something when you receive it, though.  Sit down with your kids and color with them.  It’s a great time to hang out with them and to get them to open up about their day.  We need to take all of those opportunities we can get!

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