Parent/Child Classes at Spring Garden Waldorf

Are you looking for something different to do with your toddler? Last year I choose for Kiernan and I to be part of the parent/child classes at Spring Garden Waldorf School. We both enjoyed ourselves and I wanted to share a little bit about them with you.  When we started class I really didn’t know what to expect. Waldorf schools aren’t anything like public schools and I was worried I /we wouldn’t fit in. Boy was I wrong!

Baking Bread

We feel so at home in our parent/child classes. We start our morning by coming into the classroom, removing our shoes and washing our hands. We sit down at the table and begin to prepare for our bread making. (The dough is already prepared.) We sing songs while flour is sprinkled before us, and as each parent and child receive their ball of dough. We then get to kneed, chop,roll and fold our dough. I think this is Kiernan’s favorite part. After wards we wash our hands and the child play freely while the parents clean and prep for snack. The teacher, Miss Roberta is wonderful, she guides us though each class with ease.

Blocks and unpainted wood toys are common in the Waldorf Classroom.
Blocks and unpainted wood toys are common in the Waldorf Classroom.

Free Play

One thing you will notice right off about free play is that there are no plastic toys, most everything is wood and unpainted. There are silks that the children love to make tents with and yarn they love to string around the room. While they are playing we parents often do handwork, knitting or hand sewing. It’s nice and calm. After free play comes my favorite part…. Circle time!

Our 1st May Pole in Parent/Child Classes.
Our 1st May Pole in Parent/Child Class.

Circle Time

Circle time involves more singing and movement. The children work on standing tall like flowers, dancing and more. It’s often mostly the sounds of children giggling while we sing. They love the changes in song/moment as the seasons change. I love the smiles as they learn the words to the songs or when they figure out the hand motions.

Wearing our MayDay Crowns that we made for ourselves and children.
Wearing our MayDay Crowns that we made for ourselves and children.

Snack Time, Rest and More

We wash our hands after circle time and sit and wait for our bread. We say a blessing. Then the parents help serve fruit, honey and butter. The kids love eating together! It’s so peaceful. I know that sounds crazy but it is! After snack is done the children lay down to rest while the parents clean up.  Miss Roberta will sit on the floor and rub the children’s hands and feet while singing quietly to them. After clean up we often lay or sit down with our children. Then after rest we head outside to do closing circle and outdoor play.

How to Sign Up for Parent/Child Classes

Autumn Sessions start this week and you can sign up online here. Classes are $200 for the 1st child and and $100 for ea. additional child.  When you enroll for the entire year you will receive a 10% discount.  Sessions are held once a week from 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. for 7 weeks unless otherwise noted.  Class sizes are limited and fill up very quickly. So sign up or contact Amy Hecky, Admission Director at or by calling 330-666-0574.

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