Playtime Pals Kids Playgroup in South Akron and North Canton, OH

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If you are looking for a playgroup in the South Akron and North Canton area, Playtime Pals is for you. Cara, a loyal AkronOhioMoms fan runs this great playgroup that is for stay at home moms and Working Moms. This playgroup is accommodating to families with various schedules with at least 2 playgroups to choose from a week plus a parents night once a month.

Examples of common playdates include: zoos, parks, tours, home play dates, swimming, museums, and community events. Plus, they host Moms’ Night Out, Couple’s Night Out, and Family Day/Night Out events.

Fees are so minimal it is barely worth mentioning, $5 every January. That price can’t be beat! Where else can you find great activities for you and your kids?

Visit their website Playtime Pals to join the group and get a list of upcoming events. will be partnering up with Playtime Pals occasionally to join the fun with our South Akron/ North Canton moms.

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2 thoughts on “Playtime Pals Kids Playgroup in South Akron and North Canton, OH

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi Jessie, I’ll send your info to the Playtime Pals club leader. Welcome to Ohio! I hope my website will help you get familiar with your new home. 🙂

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