Top Sled Riding Hills near Akron, Ohio

sledding pin imageSled Riding Hills are almost part of urban lore and legend- they come and go only with new fallen snow.  Where are they?  How far away ?  By the time you find out, the snow has melted.  We’ll be your guide this year to some outstanding sled riding hills.  Here are our favorites.

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Sled Riding Hill at Good Year Heights Metro Park

The sled riding hill at Newton Avenue is in Summit County Metro Parks at the Good Year Heights location.   Nestled into a fairly highly populated area, expect lots of kids and adults any time there is a snow!

  • Try off peak hours early in the morning for the best solo experience.
  • This busy location is lighted to allow sled riding after dark through 11pm on certain days.
  • Heated bathrooms.
  • Rope to help you pull yourself up the hill
  • Decent parking.
  • Occasionally you will find fire barrels too!

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Good Year Heights Sled Riding Hill

Water Tower Hill – Sled Riding in Barberton, Ohio

Tucked into the North East corner of Barberton is hidden a beautiful sled riding hill called called by all as Water Tower Hill.  With parking at the bottom of the hill and nestled among a residential neighborhood, water tower hill is a hidden gem for all in the Magic City of Barberton, Ohio.  Location marked on map below.  Jump to Map and Directions

Sled Riding Hill at Cascade Valley Metro Park

The sled riding hill at Cascade Valley Metro Park is one of the best sled riding hills in Summit County. Two sides of the hill offer both steep and slow grades for sledding down. It’s about 150 feet of hill with about 200 feet of flat run below it before the tree line.  Burn Barrels are kept hot and flaming by the park ranger staff, and you can park either at the top, or at the bottom of the hill.  I would suggest parking at the bottom- this will allow you to more easily tell your kids “its time to go”. Jump to Map and Directions

Again, try the morning for the fewest crowds.Map of Cuyahoga Falls Sled Riding Area - Cascade Valley

Sled Riding Hill at Hawkins Hill, West Akron

Enjoy the fire furnace at the South Hawkins Avenue Hawkins Hill sled riding Hill!  This West Akron Favorite is busy with lots of nearby kids.  Except some busy-ness! Jump to Map and Directions

LOcation of Hawkins Hill, Sled Riding

Kendall Hill Sled Riding in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

There is but one amazing place to sled ride in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park- and that is Kendall Hill.  Located deep in the park south of Peninsula, this little known wonder location offers several hills from which to slide down.   A Burn Barrel is located at the top of the hill, and is hidden on the far side of the ranger station at the top of the hill. Jump to Map and Directions

Sled Riding in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Sled Riding at Green Leaf Park near Copley, OH

If you’re on the far west side of Summit County, you might wonder where the hills are for you!  Just 300 feet from the Summit County Line (along Medina Line Road) you will find Green Leaf Park. Jump to Map and Directions

Green Leaf Park Location

Twinsburg Sledding Hill

Not really officially part of any park from what I can tell, but this hill in Twinsburgh behind the Kent State School at 8897 Darrow Road in Twinsburg, OH should do the trick! Jump to Map and DirectionsLocation of Sledding in Twinsburg Ohio


Map of Sled Riding Hills

Now go already!!

800 Patterson Ave.
Akron, OH 44310

4955 Townsend Rd., Richfield 44286

55 E. Warner Rd

Akron, OH 44319

5300 Massillon Road

Green, Ohio

Akron, OH 44313

521 S. River Rd., Munroe Falls 44262

Water Tower Hill

Sled Riding in Barberton, Ohio

Sled Riding Hill

Sled Riding Hill

Hawkins Hill Sled Riding

800 N. Hawkins Ave., Akron Ohio 44313

Sled Riding

Sled Riding Hill

Sled Riding Hill behind the Kent State Campus

P.S. Apparently the lower half of the county is all flatland?  Help us fill out our map and comment below with more locations!!

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