Great Way to Keep Essentials and Insulin Pump Secure While Exercising

insulin pump wasit bag

Many of us have New Year’s resolutions to get into better shape.  We join gyms, buy expensive clothing and shoes but the one thing we really need is a secure place to keep items like our keys, ID, phone, and money while exercising. The same rings true for diabetics who wear insulin pumps, they need a place on-their-body to keep their insulin pump and other supplies secure. I have found Limber Stretch waist packs to be the perfect solution.

Choose from three styles that can be worn over or underneath your clothing, keeping your keys, ID, money, phone, pepper spray, insulin pump, and other essentials safe and secure.


This classic waist bag has 4 hidden pockets with a slim extra wide design and special key fob. This is the perfect waist bag for the athlete at the gym as well as for every-day use to keep your items secure while out and about.

Hip Hug Pro

The Hip Hug Pro includes 4 hidden pockets with waterproof lining and screen cloth included. Made with thin, lightweight Lycra, moisture wicks away.  Whether you wear it for a run or while traveling, the Hip Hug Pro will keep your items secure without riding up or bouncing. You can even fold it in half for more security.


The Hip Hug Flash offers the latest in fashion and technology with a sweat and water resistant pocket perfect for your iPhone 6 plus or Samsung Galaxy.  There are 4 pockets in all and it even comes with a removable torch key chain attached to one elastic pocket.  This waist bag also includes neon reflective Lycra accents on the pockets so you can quickly and easily locate the pockets.

Limber Stretch Waist Packs for Insulin Pumps

My kids and I have enjoyed trying out both the Hip Hug classic and pro. Both have top seamed vertical pocket on the front left that is perfect for holding insulin pumps securely.

insulin pump wasit bag

Both of my kids are Type 1 Diabetics and wear insulin pumps. Insulin pumps are attached to their bodies with a cord. They either have to have their pump in their pocket or a waist pack like the Hip Hug. My kids have found the Hip Hug to hold their insulin pumps more securely than simply being in their pockets.

What Hip Hug waist packs do for my kids is amazing. My kids can run, play, and go about their daily routines with one less thing to worry about. They don’t have to worry about their insulin pumps falling out of their pockets or the cord getting caught on something because it is all secure to their bodies.

My kids always have an emergency glucagon, glucose tabs, candy, and/or frosting with them 24/7. This is normally in their bag or purse, but with the Hip Hug, they can store these items with them so they are never without emergency sugar for blood sugar lows.

insulin pump wasit bag

My kids wear their Limber Stretch both under and over clothing.


I love the Hip Hug for running errands. I keep my phone, ID, keys, and credit card securely on my body. I never have to worry about pickpockets. I especially like wearing the hip hug while traveling in strange cities and at airports.

insulin pump wasit bag

When I am with my kids, I always wear a Hip Hug waist pack to store extra sugar and diabetic supplies like the glucagon. I like to take the burden of diabetes away from my kids as much as possible, so if I can carry extra supplies like their meters, test strips, lancer, and sugar, they don’t have to carry it.


Overall, Limber Stretch waist bags provide freedom for the athlete, diabetic, or anyone who wants to keep items secure and safe while working out, traveling, or for daily use.

Shop all the styles, colors, and sizes of Limber Stretch products online.

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