St. Patrick’s Day Treats

St. Patricks Day will be here in a week!  Crazy huh!?  Growing up my parents really didn’t “celebrate” St. Patrick’s Day. We wore green clothes to school but it wasn’t really a big deal, especially with Easter being around the corner!

Now that I am a mom I try to do a fun holiday craft or treat with my kiddos for each holiday to:

  1. Be cool (although my 9 year old stepson would disagree at times…)
  2. Make memories to cherish later down the road when the kids are grown
  3. Making yummy treats means we get to “taste” them before we gift them.  🙂

While looking up some fun St. Patrick’s Day Treats and St. Patrick’s Day activities, I was overwhelmed with all the possibilities!  I am not even on Pinterest yet so I can only imagine what amazing things are up on that site that I would want to try!?  J-Girl has to bring a St. Patrick’s Day snack this week for her mommy&me time that we attend so I wanted to do something that the kids ages 2-3 would like.  I got this St. Patrick’s Day treat idea from a friend and so I wanted to share it with you.  WARNING:  It is super cute and very delicious!

St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Pot at the end of the rainbow snack

This cute snack is so easy to make, really!

Pot at the End of the Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Ingredients

  • Rainbow Twizzlers
  • Rolos
  • Clear treat bags
  • Green ribbon.

Yep, thats it!  I was actually surprised how inexpensive this snack was to make.  The rolo candy was the most expensive item but hey, they taste so good.  I purchased all my candy from Walmart and the rainbow Twizzlers were $1.88 a package, Rolos were $3.28 a package and the clear treat bags were $1, the green ribbon I had from another project so it was FREE!

This St. Patrick's Day Treat is easy peasy plus so CUTE!

Pot at the End of the Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Directions

  1. To get started please wash your hands since you will be touching the Twizzler’s to get them in to the bag.
  2. I then used the ROYGBV combo to make my mini rainbows and lined them up before putting them into the bag.
  3. Cut the purple twizzler on one end to make it look better and more uniform like the rainbow arch.
  4. Once the ROYGBV Twizzler’s are in the bag and placed to your liking then just drop in a few gold wrapped rolos .
  5. Tie up with some cute green St. Patrick’s Day ribbon (I needed an extra set of hands to help tie the ribbon)!   Thanks T-boy!
Here are the Twizzler's and Rolo's all ready to go....Yes, purple is missing, J-Girl was "helping".

We had so much fun making these St. Patrick’s Day treats for J-Girls class, that T-Boy wants to make them for his class too–good thing they aren’t too expensive and difficult to make since I will need 25 of them for this week!  🙂   Although I would love a “real” pot of gold to find this St. Patrick’s Day, I know that I am so lucky to have such a wonderful hubby and two adorable kiddos to do fun things with and love with all my might!  Enjoy!

St. Patrick's Day Treats

Check back tomorrow for a cute St. Patrick’s Day Craft idea for your kiddos and us MOMS too!  Need a hint?!?  Ok, your hint is a pair of thrift store shoes and a can of LUCKY GREEN spray paint!



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