Check Out the Wooden Castle Town Playground in Strongsville, Ohio

My Mother-in-law told me about Castle Town in Strongsville, Ohio and it just seemed to good to pass up. A park that looks like a castle… I am pretty sure that is every child’s dream come true. The boys can be knights or kings! Or they can just be kids, run around and have fun!

Monkey Bars Ahead!
Monkey Bars Ahead!

Castle Town Playground in Strongsville

This park lives up to it’s name. It is a really cool wooden castle. The park also has a lot of the “normal” play set things but they are incorporated in to the castle! The tire swing is below inside the castle area. It  has monkey bars, chimes and balance beams and more.

Tire SwingLayers of Play at Castle Town Playground

You can climb up and down all over the place. There are all sort of hiding spots and my boys had a great time running around. We could have stayed for hours.

Kelton on the balance beam.
Kelton on the balance beam.

History of Castle Town Playground

Castle Town was built back in 1991 and was built by volunteers. It took thousands of feet of lumber and  600 pounds of nails to build. Local children were asked for their input in the design. It’s that wonderful? It was also maintained by Akzo Nobel in 2011 so we can continue to enjoy it!

playing at castle parkCastle Town Playground
Roe Ln
Strongsville, OH 44136

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