Top 10 Super Bowl Party Clean Up Tips from The Maids

My family loves to entertain. What we don’t love is tackling the clean-up after everyone leaves! If you are planning a Super Bowl party (or any party for that matter), check out these great tips from the professional cleaners at The Maids® Home Services. Their tips prove that a little pre-planning can make party hosting and the clean up afterwards stress-free.


Top 10 Super Bowl Party Clean Up Tips from The Maids

  1. Provide space for coats in a closet or bedroom. Put an extra rug in the entryway in case of wet shoes.
  2. If using paper products, place plenty of trash containers around the house with extra trash bags in the bottom. When you pull out a full trash bag, another bag is then within an arm’s reach.  Check out eco-friendly “Clean Cubes” disposable trashcans that Cindy reviewed last year – click here for full review.
  3. If you have a dishwasher, make sure it is cleaned out before guests arrive.  This allows you to stash dirty dishes inside, staying on top of the cleanup.  I try to do this whenever we entertain – it also allows guests to be more helpful with clean up!
  4. Provide insulated can coolers or place sports themed stickers on cups so guests can identify their drinks.  Writing names on cups with permanent markers works well too.
  5. Cover your food table with wax paper or butcher paper for easy cleanup. Cover furniture with slip covers to protect against food spills during an exciting play.
  6. Have a “cleaning bucket” ready for cleaning emergencies. Include must haves like carpet cleaner and an absorbent rag. A spot from a spilled drink is easy to clean if you are prepared in advance (So smart!  I’m going to do this next time we have a group over!).
  7. If the party involves all ages, have a space with toys and games where the children can play.
  8. Provide televisions in several rooms so no one misses the action. Don’t forget to put a radio in the bathroom!
  9. Keep a clearly marked recycling bin within guests’ reach for bottles and cans.
  10. Place moist towelettes near appetizers to clean messy fingers before they end up on you furniture!

Special thanks to The Maids® Home Services for these great party ideas!  For more information, visit, or call 1-800-THE-MAIDS.


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