Visit Silver Springs Park in Stow, OH – Kids Playground, Bow Wow Dog Park, Tennis, Basketball, & More

Silver Springs Park in Stow, OH is an excellent park for the entire family, with something for everyone including an awesome all accessible kids playground, dog park, tennis courts, basketball courts, and more. With the recent news of the black bear in Stow, Ohio, we decided to give the Silver Springs Park in Stow, OH a visit.

Silver Springs Park SOAR Playground

Silver Springs Park is home to SOAR playground. SOAR stands for Stow Outdoor Accessible Recreation. This is an all-accessible playground with fun activities and challenges for everyone.

Silver Springs Park SOAR Playground (4)

The entire playground is accessible with ramps, railings, and various entrances to the slides. Along the entire bottom and upper levels of the SOAR playground, there are activities for kids to participate in – some physical, some musical, some educational, and some physical. SOAR allows integrated play for kids of all ages and abilities. I love that SOAR makes it easy for kids of all developmental levels can have fun and be kids!

There is a separate area for kids ages 2-5 that offers just as much to see and explore. There are plenty of slides, swings, climbing challenges, and activities to excite kids.

The Stow Community Park is surrounded by beautiful, large trees that provide much-needed shade during the hot Summer months – as well as great tree-climbing opportunities for little boys like my 8 year old son Elijah!  There are also picnic tables and grills scattered throughout the park for relaxing picnics and cookouts. Many are under the large trees, offering shade.

Stow Ohio Playground

Bring your basket balls and tennis equipment to enjoy the basketball courts and tennis courts too.  Stow Community Park offers two full size basketball courts and two full size tennis courts for your family to enjoy.

Silver Springs Park Bow Wow Dog Park

The Stow Bow Wow Dog Park is a favorite for many. It is a large off-leash dog park for dogs and their human companions.  At the center of the Bow Wow Dog Park is a big lake for dogs to swim and enjoy with a sandy beach and grassy areas that surround it.

Stow Ohio Bow Wow Dog Park
Stow Ohio Bow Wow Dog Park

I can’t wait to take our dog, Roxy to Bow Wow Dog Park. Since we received dog training for a promotion by Sit Means Sit, I feel more confident and relaxed about bringing my dog to a dog park. Before, Sit Means Sit, I would never consider taking Roxy to an off-leash park. #1, I wouldn’t be able to ever get her to get back in the car – just look at how hard it was to get her inside the house before Sit Means Sit dog training!  Now, Roxy will come to us on command – making it safer and more fun for the whole family!

The Bow Wow Dog Park offers 2 areas for small dog breads under 35 lbs. There is a secure area in a grassy fenced in area where no large dogs can enter. There is also a non-secured area on the beach and water that is partially fenced in.

Stow Ohio Bow Wow Dog Park (3)

There is a trail that goes around the entire lake and park, around the lake for dogs and their human companions to walk together. It is such a fun option to enjoy taking your dog for a walk off-leash!

Silver Springs Park in Stow, OH

There are plenty of other attractions at Silver Springs Park in Stow, Ohio for the whole family too. There are basketball courts to play a game or practice shooting hoops.

Silver Spring Park Stow Ohio (2)

There are 4 tennis courts in an enclosed area to play tennis with your family – or even pickleball with the Pickleball of Ohio club that meets weekly at Silver Springs Park. It is a nice tennis courts for kids to play tennis with their parents too. Silver Spring Park Stow Ohio (1)

Visit Silver Springs Park in Stow, OH – Kids Playground, Bow Wow Dog Park, Tennis, Basketball, & More

Visit Stow Community Park this Summer with your family and dog. There is so much to enjoy, you could spend hours and hours there.

Silver Springs Park
5070 Stow Road
Stow, OH 44224

5027 Stow Road, Stow, OH 44224

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