What Fireworks are Legal in Ohio? American Fireworks Review

What is more exciting than fireworks? Kids and adults alike are amazed by the beauty and excitement of fireworks. We go to at least a couple professional fireworks displays a year, but never ventured into buying fireworks. I’ve always wondered “What fireworks are legal in Ohio?

Last summer, I drove past American Fireworks, located in Hudson, Ohio. I was a bit curious but never thought of dropping in to check it out. American Fireworks has been lighting up the skies since 1902 for our viewing pleasure. They provide fireworks of all sorts for consumers at their retail store and through professional fireworks display services. This local, Hudson, Ohio business has been family-owned and operated for 7 generations.

American Fireworks Review

Honestly, I was a little intimidated when I first drove by American Fireworks. Knowing nothing about fireworks, I didn’t even know they had a retail store or if it was safe to go to. Being in business for over a century, American Fireworks has safety as their #1 priority. You can’t even have your cell phone turned on in the store! Once we walked through the American Fireworks Retail Store doors, I was not only put at ease by the friendly employees but impressed by the vast amount of fireworks selection and stock!

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We headed straight to the Novelty section where all fireworks are legal for Ohio. The selection was amazing. Below is a sampling of what we were able to review.

picture of Assortment of Fireworks Legal in Ohio by American Fireworks
Assortment of Fireworks Legal in Ohio by American Fireworks

Fireworks Legal in Ohio

What fireworks are legal in Ohio? Here is a list that I acquired that are legal in Ohio: Smoke items (see review below), Sparklers (see review below), Snakes (see review below), Snaps & Toy Trick Novelties including: auto foolers with and without report, bat snaps, bobby traps, Chinese fun snaps, cigarette loads, fun snaps (see review below), ghost and bat snaps, ghost bomb snaps, gravity pak-snaps, magnum poppers, party poppers that are flame proof (see review below), and  trick bank matches.

American Fireworks M7 Smoke Grenade Review

Smoke items are legal in Ohio such as: smoke cones, cap stick with no report, color smoke balls, colored smoke cracker, giant smoke missile, hang grenade smoke, mammoth extra large smoke, Ohio smoke candle, smoke cartridge, smoke pot, smoke screen tube, smoking battleship, smoking fountain, and white smoke balls with header.

We were able to review the M7 Smoke Grenade by American Fireworks. FANTASTIC fun! Pull the metal ring and sting sharply away from the grenade and place on ground and get away.

[slickr-flickr tag=americanfireworksm7smokebomb]

It was thrilling to see this grenade get started with the burst of sound and sparks! My husband and friend both ended up throwing it away from them, not merely placing it on the ground. The kids ran after it to run through the blue, yellow, gray, red, and green smoke. The color blue was my favorite! It provides a LOT of colorful smoke all at once. It’s quite the site to see!

Video of of M7 Smoke Bomb


American Fireworks Sparklers Review

I’ve had the small sparklers since I was a kid. I didn’t know how much I was missing out before I visited American Fireworks. They have a huge assortment of sparklers of every size.  Of course, the smaller sparklers are still lots of fun but experiencing the other sizes was lots of fun!

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Here is a video of what the Giant Sparklers from American Fireworks look like. We decided to just stick them in the ground and light them up since we had young kids at our party. You can hold them, if you choose.

Video of Giant Sparklers


Here is a video of the Giant Bamboo Sparklers. Our kids may have been doing a little too much horse-playing with them. Who can resist a sparkling sword fight? They are certainly not a toy and should be used carefully.

Video of Giant Bamboo Sparklers


They also offer Big Birthday Cake Sparklers to really light up your next birthday cake! I can’t wait to try them for my kids’ birthdays this year. Of course, they are safe for indoor use. They cost just $5.99, what a way to add excitement to any birthday party.

American Fireworks Sky Lanterns Review

Have you seen the movie Tangled? The flying sky lanterns were my favorite parts. The folks at American Fireworks say that since that movie came out, their sky lanterns are flying off the shelves. You can fly sky lanterns like the Tangled movie! It’s so reasonably priced too, just $2.99 each or a 5 pack for $11.99.

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The sky lanterns have been sooo much fun. This is something that I will for sure be back to American Fireworks to stock up on. It turns any party, event, or evening into something memorable and special.

Video of Sky Lanterns


American Fireworks Color Snakes Review

Who can resist the fun of snakes? Color Snakes, that is! Light them separately or stack them together for larger snakes. Our kids were amazed as they grew right before them in coils and coils.

[slickr-flickr tag=americanfireworkscolorsnakes]

More Novelty Items that are Legal in Ohio

There are plenty more items available at American Fireworks that are legal for use in Ohio. Buying these items really makes any event extra fun and exciting. The kids all enjoyed the Party Poppers. They liked the silly strings shooting out and falling on them! For just $11.99, you get 72 poppers! Kids want to pop them over and over, you might want to get 2 boxes!

picture of American Fireworks in Hudson Ohio Party Poppers
American Fireworks in Hudson Ohio Party Poppers

Or, go for the big bag and get the America Confetti Cannons. This shoots out a ton of red, white, and blue metallic looking streamers into the air. This is so much better than rushing to the front of a kid’s concert trying to get a streamer. My kids are always disappointed that they don’t get the streamers landing on their heads – because we don’t pay to get the extra good seats. LOL Just shoot a couple or few of the America Confetti Cannons and you’ll make your kid’s day! At just $15.99 for 5 cannons, this is a fun surprise treat! Perfect for birthday parties, surprise parties, wedding processions, and more.

picture of America Confetti Cannon from American Fireworks
America Confetti Cannon from American Fireworks

Video of America Confetti Cannons


Snaps are always a fun favorite too. Elijah was at a friend’s birthday party last year and they had snaps for the kids to play with. Everyone had a super time with them! Plus, they are small so they go a long way. Each box contains 50 snaps for just $.99 each box  or $3.99 for a 5-pack.

picture of Po-Po Snapper Snaps from American Fireworks in Hudson Ohio
Po-Po Snapper Snaps from American Fireworks in Hudson Ohio

Fireworks not legal in Ohio

There are plenty of fireworks that are not legal in Ohio that are still sold in Ohio. American Fireworks offers a HUGE selection of such including 500 Gram Cakes, Bottle Rockets, Dominator Items, Firecrackers, Fountains, Legend Items, Missiles, Parachutes, Planes and UFO’s, Reloadable Shell Kits, Repeaters, Rockets, Roman Candles, Spinners, Tubes, Wheels, and more. That being said, when purchasing any illegal fireworks in Ohio, you must sign an affidavit stating that you will be taking the fireworks to a designated out-of-state address. If you are an Ohio resident, you must take them out-of-state within 48 hours, if you are an out-of-state resident, you must do so within 72 hours. So, you can purchase them but can’t “technically” use them in Ohio.

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Have you considered a Professional Fireworks Display for your next big event?

Fireworks are for more than the 4th of July. American Fireworks will create a custom package to meet your needs for: Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Bicentennials, Anniversaries, Church Festivals, Fairs, New Year’s Eve, Tree Lightings, Sporting Events, and other special events. You might be surprised at the price too, for a 12-15 minutes display, it starts at just $2,500. A professional fireworks display at your event will be remembered as a once-in-a-lifetime special event.

American Fireworks does everything for you from conducting a site survey to design a custom display to maximize the excitement with the style and colors you want, to providing liability insurance, and of course providing the equipment, fireworks, and trained pyrotechnicians. They can even choreograph the professional fireworks display to music. Get a quote here for Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, and Virginia professional fireworks displays.

Visit American Fireworks

7041 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, Ohio 44236
(330) 650-1776

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Buy American Fireworks

You can buy fireworks at the American Fireworks store located in Hudson, Ohio or online. Become a facebook fan and get a 30% Off everything coupon, plus 10 free firecrackers voucher with $50 minimum purchase.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to American Fireworks who provided the products for review & giveaway.

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