Would You Survive a Zombie Outbreak? Take the Halloween Quiz

How long would you survive a zombie outbreak? Most Americans think they would outsmart the zombies.

Do you check your kids Halloween candy before they eat it? The majority of us do even though there hasn’t been a candy poisoning incident since 1959.

These are the kind of questions asked a survey conducted by CheckPoints, the app that pays you back. Check out how America answered the below Halloween Quiz.

Enjoy! Happy Halloween!

picture of Scary Halloween Stats
Scary Halloween Stats


Here are my answers to the above:

Favorite part of Halloween is seeing my kids dressed up in their costumes.

Least favorite Halloween Treat: Let’s be honest, candy is the preferred treat when trick or treating. When my kids come home with “candy alternatives for trick or treating” sometimes it is a hit and other times it’s just plain weird. I actually got the below list of suggestions to post instead of giving kids candy at Trick or Treating. I didn’t post it because I see no harm in kids having fun being kids, enjoying candy at Halloween.

  • Roasted pumpkin seeds (BOO!)
  • Home made playdoh (BOO!)
  • Stickers (acceptable treat)
  • Beeswax crayons (BOO)
  • Polished rocks (weird, but my kids would like it)
  • Friendship bracelets (acceptable treat)
  • Tooth brush or dental floss (BOO)
  • Fresh fruit (BOO, who wants bruised fruit?!)
  • Sugar free candy (BOO, most would get tossed)
  • Coloring books (Sure, if you can afford it!)
  • Money (Sure, load me up too!)

Preferred Halloween Costumes: Funny

How long you’d survive a zombie outbreak: We would survive at least 28 day (weird movie) but not probably wouldn’t die of natural causes

Scariest threat: JAWS even though shark attacks are down

Fear of tampered candy: Yes from neighborhoods but not from stores

Seen a ghost? No, but had concerns about a knocking noise we were having when we moved into our house last year, ended up being our hot water heat 🙂


What are your Halloween Quiz Answers?

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