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Healthy Hydration: The Evolution of Clean Home Drinking Water

We all know that water is essential to human life. Throughout history, humans have figured [...]

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

May is “Lyme Awareness” month and the costs, in addition to symptoms and “prevention,” need [...]

What do you think about a tax on sugary drinks?

What do you think about a tax on sugary drinks? If you or your kids [...]

5 Tips on How to Avoid Getting Sick on Vacation

When vacation time finally arrives, the last thing you want to be is sick!  Put [...]

Why “Made in America” Matters to Your Child’s Future

This is a guest post by Alan Uke, author of BUYING AMERICA BACK. It is [...]

October Baby

This is a guest post from Pastor Feather of Crosspoint Alliance Church. The human soul [...]

Four Years of Symptoms Leading to a Lyme Disease Diagnosis – guest post

This original article was provided to us by Mr. Marc Merullo. Living near to deer, [...]

5 Ways to Save Money on Family Activities

For a lot of families money is tight right now and even though they want [...]

How to Plan a Stress Free Kids Birthday Party

If you’re getting ready to begin planning your child’s next birthday party, you’re probably feeling [...]

How to Prevent Colds for Kids 2012

Guest post by Sara Chana, IBCLC @sarachanas -Sara Chana Kids get colds an average [...]

The Childhood of George Washington – Happy President’s Day

George Washington (1732-1799) By Kate Kelly, Founder of AmericaComesAlive President from 1789-1797 Today we know [...]

Top 5 Germiest Places in Schools

The top five places diseases linger in schools and what you can do about it [...]

Help for Akron Ohio’s Homeless and How You Can Help

When you think of the word “homeless” what comes to your mind? Your first response [...]

Best Food for Test Day

Best Food for Test Day By Phil Lempert, editor of and The Lempert Report [...]

Jennifer L. Hensal for Mayor of Akron – Guest Post

Thank you for the opportunity to guest blog and let your readers know a little [...]

Great Resources for Finding Coupons

There are many sites where you can go to find coupons. To many people, it [...]