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6 Years Old is a Good Age to Start Tackle Football

Although my fellow Beth would disagree, I think football for the tougher 6 years [...]

Top 10 Stupid Things People Do In Hurricanes

There’s nothing like watching the power of stupidity go up against what seems like the [...]

OKGO and the Muppets Video – Singing the Muppets Theme Song

Two of the best Internet memes out there are OK Go (remember their treadmill video?) [...]

Did you Feel the Earthquake- Plus some History

Around 1:53pm today I felt an Earthquake.  Apparently this was a tremor coming from the [...]

TI-nspire CX Calculator- Review

My Elvis is heading into his Junior year next week.  He’s a brainy kid, smarter [...]

Get Your PaddleWheel On ..One.. More.. Time!

DId you grow up listening to the corny jes aboard the Paddle Wheel Excursion at [...]

Deer Resistant Plants, Plants They Love, and Plants they Despise

There are a lot of deer in Ohio.  A LOT.  Recent estimates state that their [...]

A Mom’s Emergency Disaster Kit – and Extensive List of Where to Buy

We had a small group session this past week with members of our church.  We [...]