Tuscan Beef Soup made with Certified Angus Beef from Acme Fresh Market

Nothing taste better on a cold, snowy day than a hot bowl of soup. Tonight, my family enjoyed Tuscan Beef Soup made with Certified Angus Beef. It was just what we needed to warm up! Everyone went for seconds – so you know it was good! It was a really good flavor combination with fork-tender English roast, Italian tomatoes, fresh kale, and cannelloni beans.  It’s a keeper!

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If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the value of shopping local. Shopping local keeps friends and family employed and excellent community-centered businesses like Acme Fresh Market in business. I have shopped primarily at Acme Fresh Market for my entire adult life. I love the hometown feel, great prices, quality products, friendly and helpful people, and convenience. I also love that they are a local company!

For over 125 years, the friendly people at Acme have been providing our greater Akron, Ohio community with quality food while supporting many local brands along the way. One such local brand from Wooster, Ohio is Certified Angus Beef – the best, most flavorful brand that is a ‘cut above’ the rest by meeting and exceeding USDA prime grade quality standards.

I know that whenever I shop the meat department at Acme Fresh Market that I’ll have fresh, high quality meat – every time. That is because they only sell the highest quality meats. You can tell the difference, your meals will taste better and even your kids might notice. I was cooking Certified Angus Beef 85% Lean Ground Beef over the weekend when my teenage son said, “wow, you can really tell that is good meat“. That’s because Acme grounds their beef fresh daily.

Seriously, my 15 year old son noticed – of course he is becoming quite the chef himself lately – as you may remember his Steak Tacos with with Guacamole Recipe was a huge hit with our family, prepared with Certified Angus Beef Boneless Top Sirloin Strip Roast sliced for the tacos. He’s a pretty good cook. I’m glad that I’ve been able to introduce cooking and how to select good quality meats and healthy food for my children from an early age and now I can reap the benefits. 🙂

Speaking of learning how to select good quality meats…I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from the butchers at all of the surrounding Acme Fresh Market locations around me. They are always so helpful when I ask questions – like how do I prepare this cut or what would be the best cut for this type of recipe or can you cut this meat to order for me? They never make me feel rushed or like I’m asking dumb questions. They are always so friendly.

For the Tuscan Beef Soup recipe, I needed Certified Angus Beef ® shoulder clod roast, cut into 1-inch cubes. I didn’t know what “clod roast” was, so I asked Tim at my local Acme. He explained that it was an English roast, something I’m very familiar with. He also showed me other options that I could use instead and pointed to what was on sale. He even offered to cut the English roast into the 1-inch cubes that my recipe called for. In just a couple minutes, I had the exact perfect cut of meat ready for my beef soup. It saved me so much time making the recipe. Since they are professionals and have all the right tools, it takes just a couple minutes and it’s done right.
While chatting with Tim, he was telling me all about their special cuts. He said that a fellow butcher has worked for Acme Fresh Market for over 30 years ad said that they have never had a special cut request that they were not able to fill. That’s pretty impressive! Not only are they there to happily give you advice on how to cook and what type of cut to cook but also make those special cuts, trim & tie up roasts, or even prepare meats to the exact portion that you require – which is essential if you are on a portion-controlled diet.

Serving your family delicious meals starts with quality ingredients, it really does. You can’t cut corners when it comes to meat, you can taste and smell the difference. Then, finding a good recipe is next. If you are tired of the same old recipes, check out Acme Fresh Market’s recipe collection – many of the videos are the ones that I prepared and videoed – and my family has loved every single recipe! 

This holiday season, stop by Acme Fresh Market to see and taste the difference. I’m sure your family will notice just like mine. It’s kinda my secret to making my kids want to sit together for dinner and linger around the table longer together to talk – something this mom treasures more than I can say.

If you prefer grocery pickup or delivery, they have that too.

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