Take the Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice Challenge

One of my fondest memories growing up was climbing up in my grandmother’s tart cherry trees and gorging myself on those sour little red flavor bombs. I’d eat as many as I could fit and then some, and then we’d make the pies…oh the pies. Good times. Well, when the folks at Cheribundi (the sour cherry juice people) reached out to Akron Ohio Moms and wanted us to test out their product, I was all about it! I mean, it’s cherry juice, come on.

cherry_blossom_flowers_spring_235690 (1)
Cherry Tree Blossom, they are blooming now!

After doing some research about tart cherry juice and it’s purported benefits in the areas of athletic recovery, as a sleep aid, and as a general anti-inflammatory, I had high hopes that I could really benefit from this product testing, so I agreed to take the Cheribundi 7-Day Challenge, and arrange a GIVEAWAY so you can test it out too!

Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice Challenge

When the package came full of juices and teas to test out, it did not take long for my kids to start fighting over who got how many of these delicious drinks. They really enjoyed the assorted sour cherry blended teas and juices, while my husband and I relished every bottle of the tart cherry juice as we each embarked on the 7 day challenge. Each of the original tart cherry juice bottles is packed with 50 tart cherries, and contain no sugar, just a little apple juice concentrate to sweeten them.

tartcherryjuice (1)


It turns out that my favorite tart cherries from childhood were incredibly healthy, packed full of antioxidants. In juice form, the benefits are even more marked, There’s been a ton of independent research on the health benefits that you can check out here.  Basically, they contain special antioxidants that protect and repair damaged cells.

My husband and I both have health issues in these areas and after a few days of enjoying these delicious juices that make you pucker with the first sip, we were pleased to see some relief!  It’s hard to qualify, as this was not a scientific study by any means, but I can tell you that my foot pain was less severe, and my husband’s circulatory issue was a bit better as well, and they sure were delicious.

You can purchase these juices at a variety of local stores (even Walmart carries it in the health section!), or order them online.  Even if you don’t have health issues, they are a great drink to have on hand.

cheribundi, tart cherry juice
Super refreshing tart cherry juice

They make a variety of different flavors, to fit a variety of tastes and needs.  The original sour cherry packs the most punch health wise, but there’s also plenty of benefit to be seen from drinking their teas, mixed fruit juices and smoothies.  If you are into working out, there’s a restorative sour cherry blend just for you.  There is also a light version if calories are a concern.  We tried and honestly loved the taste of all of them, and I plan on picking up some more the next time I go shopping.

Win Cheribundi Giveaway

Now to the important matter at hand, this Cheribundi Challenge giveaway!  You can sign up here for the Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice Giveaway.   We’ll be randomly selecting 4 lucky winners to get a full supply of Cheribundi Sour Cherry Juice to complete the 7 day challenge on your own and see for yourself how delicious and restorative this juices can be!
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