Take NEW Clear Pouch Mott’s Applesauce with You #ClearPassion

As a mom, I love to encourage my kids with their passions and they have many! It is also very important to me to give my kids healthy and fun snack options that they will enjoy surrounding those passions, at school, and at home. My kids have always liked apple sauce from babies and now in their teen years. It is often a side dish or snack in our home.

We just discovered that our favorite brand, Mott’s® has NEW CLEAR applesauce  pouch that is perfect for all of our active days ahead whether my kids are perusing their passions or heading to school, it is a quality snack that will keep them moving.

This is a sponsored post.

One of my family’s passions is the outdoors. You can find out hiking in the woods year-round. We always bring a snack or two with us. Pictured above, you can see a 4-pack of Mott’s CLEAR Pouch in No Sugar Added Applesauce Apple Flavor. I gave this pack to my son to take to his fort that is quite deep in the woods. He loves spending time building his fort, cooking over an open fire with friends, and camping overnight at his fort. He likes to have snacks but we are cautious that everything is completely sealed and stored in a metal tote. This new Mott’s Clear Pouch is perfect for keeping at his fort for a healthy snack. This is a picture he took for me on a tree he cut down by hand.My daughter also has a fort but enjoys hiking more than hanging out at the fort. Packing a Mott’s pouch is the perfect healthy snack option for hikes in the woods. My daughter is passionate about school too and works hard to excel. Between breakfast and lunch this year at school is 6 hours, so having a healthy and quick snack that she can quickly consume between classes is important. Mott’s Clear Pouches fit the bill!  Another thing that I like about Mott’s Clear Pouches is that they are portable – in your backpack or diaper bag, while traveling in the car, hiking, or even biking. It is an easy snack to take anywhere with you. My daughter shares a passion for biking like her dad. It is nothing out of the ordinary for them to bike 8-10 miles. They always keep a snack on hand!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but these new pouches are very clever in design! The clear open space looks like the mouth wide open of an apple! How fun is that?! Your kids (and even teens) will think this is clever! Mott’s has making healthy snacks fun down to a science!

Choose from a 4 or 12 pack of these NEW Mott’s CLEAR Pouches in Apple, Cinnamon Apple, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Granny Smith, Cherry, Blueberry, Strawberry Kiwi, and Mango Peach flavors.  As a parent of two children with Type One Diabetes, I also love that this snack has NO sugar added! The apple flavor is just 16 carbs per serving and the strawberry flavor is just 10 carbs. That is awesome!Locally, I’ve found them only at Giant Eagle but since it is a newer product, they are still hitting the shelves. They are also available on Amazon.com. Pick up a pack or two to keep your children moving, growing, and following their passions!

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