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JAVA House Cold Brew Review

We all like our fancy coffees, hot and cold. Normally you have to buy special coffee to have both hot and cold but now there is a revolutionary product that produces both – easily. JAVA HOUSE offers Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Coffee Pods that you can use for hot or cold coffee. Here is how is works:

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JAVA HOUSE makes it easy to enjoy rich delicious coffee either hot or cold with their Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Coffee Pods. How easy is that?! No need for 2 types of product. Plus, it can’t get any easier than popping the k-cup in your k-cup brewer or pouring over ice. Obviously, it is easy to enjoy the coffee hot, just use the Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Coffee Pods as you do any other k-cup.

What I LOVE about the Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Coffee Pods is how easy it makes it to enjoy cold brew coffee anytime. All I do is pour over ice and add 8 ounces of water. It is that easy.

I’ve tried other complicated recipes that require planning ahead to enjoy cold brew – steeping ground coffee in water overnight, straining it out the next day to finally enjoy it. What a mess. It never tastes exactly right. However, with Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Coffee Pods, it is all ready.

Speaking of caffeine, there are actually benefits to drinking it – besides a tasty and quick pick-me-up in the morning or 3pm in the afternoon! Caffeine actually can increases adrenaline which can stimulate energy to power through your morning or afternoon which we all know about but did you know that it can help sustain intensity while working out and training too? Very cool! It is a refreshing, ultra-smooth drink anytime of day.

JAVA HOUSE Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Coffee Pods work like k-cups that you have probably used before but it isn’t filled with traditional coffee grounds inside. It is also brewed coffee in a concentrate form. That is why you can enjoy it quick and easy! That means it is easier than ever to pop a Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Coffee Pod in your purse to enjoy cold brew coffee at work or on-the-go easily – while saving you a ton of money compared to ordering out! Are you like me and like the fancy iced coffees with creamers? If so, your JAVA HOUSE iced coffee might look more like this!

No matter how you enjoy the Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Coffee Pods, you’ll get a rich, smooth cup of coffee with bold flavor either way. It is less bitter and less acidic than if you tried brewing and cooling on your own. JAVA HOUSE uses only the most premium 100% Arabica beans for their brews and steep them in small batches for an ultra smooth cup of coffee.  Cold brew is always smoother because when you brew coffee with ground and hot water, the coffee grinds to oxidize more quickly and that is what gives you a bitter cup of coffee. All Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Coffee Pods are developed with a cold-brew process so whether you enjoy it hot or cold, you’ll get the smooth, less acidic taste of a quality cold brew cup of coffee.

I just love how smooth this coffee is both cold and hot. I didn’t know you could enjoy cold brew coffee hot until now and I don’t think I’ll go back to traditional! Add a little skim milk froth on top and it is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite book on a cold evening! 

Scared to try a new brand? JAVA HOUSE is delicious, trust me, I’m particular with my coffee. If you like Kohana, Complete Nutrition, Zest Tea, Starbucks, Maxwell House, Gevalia, Dunkin Donuts, Mr. Brown, SToK, Gradys, Madrinas, Tiny Footprint, Skinny Iced Coffee and Caffe D’Vita, then you’ll like the rich and bold flavor from JAVA HOUSE too.

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