Cookina for 100% Non-stick, Fat-free Cooking and Baking

I am always on the look-out for healthier ways to prepare the foods I serve my family. I have recently found an amazing, award-winning invention called Cookina. Cookina baking and grilling cooking sheets give you the means to 100% Non-stick, Fat-free Cooking and Baking.

Cookina Sheets are easy to use, they look like a plastic sheet but are actually heat-resistant, PTFE (PFOA free) coated non-stick fabric that enables you to cook oil-free for healthier meals.  Cookina Cooking sheets keep your grills, oven, and dishes clean. Cleaning Cookina sheets are super easy too. Simply wipe clean or wash in soapy water.

Cookina Video Review

My husband is the grilling guru in the family. Check out his quick Cookina Video Review.


Cookina BBQ Cooking Sheets for Non-stick, Fat-free Grilling


I tried the Cookina BBQ Cooking  Sheets on our indoor grill.  We grilled some chicken tenderloins with no cooking sprays or oil on our grill. Talk about healthy!  We simply cut the Cookina BBQ Cooking Sheet to the size of our indoor grill. Placed the chicken directly on the sheets with no added oils. The chicken cooked perfectly and did NOT stick.

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Cookina Cooking Sheets are 100% non-stick, making your life so much easier and food so much tastier.  You can see how easy it is to clean the Cookina BBQ Cooking Sheets, even water washes it clean, although I do use soap too. 🙂

We tried the Cookina BBQ Cooking Sheets on our outdoor grill this weekend for our Labor Day BBQ.  We used them for both grilled vegetables and for steak kabobs. It worked great for both. We simply cut the Cookina BBQ Cooking  Sheets to the size of our grill. Placed the vegetables on the grill and grilled. It is that easy. We didn’t have to add any oils, butter, or sprays and the vegetables turned out delicious – without sticking. I also like using the Cookina BBQ Cooking Sheets for grilling vegetables because the veggies don’t fall down through the grill grates!  Wiping down a Cookina BBQ Cooking Sheet takes just seconds and saves us so much time and hassle of cleaning an outdoor BBQ grill!

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Not only do Cookina Cooking Sheets work great for cooking foods that won’t stick but they can be used over and over. Each sheet is washable and reusable!  They don’t hold onto odor or flavor of previous foods either – so go ahead and grill that fish filet, then reuse it for vegetables!

Cookina BBQ Sheets are greal for grilling anything including: meat, vegetables, seafood, seafood, pizza, kebabs, chicken, sausages, bacon, sticky marinated food, ribs, eggs, and much more. You can also use Cookina BBQ Sheets as on oven liner.

Cookina Cuisine Cooking Sheets for Non-stick, Fat-free Baking

Cookina Cuisine Cooking Sheets are perfect for all your baking needs. They make clean up a cinch while delivering non-stick, delicious foods and treats to your family. Cookina Cuisine Cooking Sheets are excellent for baking cookies, cakes, breads, pies, biscuits, pizza, nachos,  fish, chicken, roasts, casseroles, and all kinds of baked goods.


Simply cut your Cookina Cuisine Cooking Sheet to the size of your baking sheet or dish with scissors.  Use as an alternative to aluminum foil, parchment, and wax paper.

picture of Cookina Cuisine for 100% Non-stick, Fat-free Baking
Cookina Cuisine for 100% Non-stick, Fat-free Baking

I like that I can save money and the environment by using and reusing Cookina Cooking Sheets instead of throw-away items like aluminum foil. I also love that my cookies and bakery never stick.  Items like fish slide right off Cookina Cooking Sheets too. If your food slides off, you know clean up is easy too!  Cookina Cooking Sheets make foods taste better and healthier using no additional oils or butter.

Once your Cookina Cooking Sheets are washed and dried, simply roll them up and place the Cookina Ring around it. I like to keep my Cookina Sheets right on my kitchen counter for quick and easy access.

picture of Cookina 100% Non-stick, Fat-free cooking sheets
Cookina 100% Non-stick, Fat-free cooking sheets

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Buy Cookina Cooking Sheets

You can buy Cookina Cooking Sheets on the Cookina Website. Cookina BBQ sheets are $14.99 and Cookina Cuisine Sheets are $12.99 each.  Find your nearest retailer here. In the Akron area, you can buy Cookina Cooking Sheets at Costco, Walmart, and ACE.

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