Applebee’s New Spin on Steak & Potatoes is Family-Approved and Delicious!

Applebee's Topped Steaks & Twisted Potatoes Review

Applebee’s has given the dynamic duo of steak and potatoes a fresh new spin with their new Topped Steaks & Twisted Potatoes! My family had a delicious family dinner out as we sampled 4 combinations with their new toppings and sides at our neighborhood Applebee’s.Applebee's Topped Steaks & Twisted Potatoes Review

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Applebee’s Topped Steaks & Twisted Potatoes Review

You can never go wrong at Applebee’s or with ordering steak and potatoes. There is nothing wrong with enjoying such a classic but it is fun to get adventurous with new toppings like horseradish, mushrooms & onions, or savory herb & butter.  My kids have hearty appetites as they approach their teens, so they were happy to order off the new Topped Steaks & Twisted Potatoes menu.

Normally when ordering steak at a restaurant, I expect a high price tag. The new Topped Steaks & Twisted Potatoes menu starts at just $12.99 for a 6 ounce steak or a little more for an 8 or 12 ounce. That is a great value for family dining!

If you love variety, you’ll love these new choices!

3 Steak Choices: 6 ounce USDA Choice Top Sirloin, 8 ounce USDA Choice Top Sirloin, 12 ounce USDA Choice Top Sirloin

3 Steak Topper Choices: Tavern Mushroom & Onion, Savory Herb & Butter Sauce, Creamy Horseradish & Gravy Topper

3 Twisted Potato Side Choices (pick 1): Twisted Tots, Loaded Potato Casserole Back, Loaded Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Every meal comes with a side of fresh steamed broccoli.Applebee's Topped Steaks & Twisted Potatoes Review

My son ordered the 6 ounce sirloin with tavern mushrooms and onions with a side of loaded garlic mashed potatoes. YUM! I sampled a couple bites and agree that it is a spectacular combination. The onions and mushrooms were seasoned perfectly and generous. The loaded garlic mashed potatoes were also a hearty portion and so tasty.

My husband also ordered the mushroom and onions but with a side of their new twisted tots with a creamy sauce and bacon! For larger appetites, choose the 8 or 12 ounce sirloin!Applebee's Topped Steaks & Twisted Potatoes Review

My 11 year old daughter ordered the 6 oz sirloin with savory herb and butter sauce which ended up being my favorite steak topper. She was a big fan as well. Although she has a hearty appetite, she did need to take home a doggy bag with leftovers.

My daughter also ordered the loaded garlic mashed potatoes and loved the bacon and cheesiness.

I was happy with my 6 oz sirloin with creamy horseradish and gravy, it added a nice kick to the steak without overpowering the juicy steak flavors. I liked that it came with a side of fried onions too as they were a crispy and sweet addition to the meal. The loaded potato casserole reminded me a little of my sister-in-law’s cheesy potatoes but with the addition of crispy potato sticks on top. It was tasty, a great option that goes beyond the typical steak and potatoes type of meal.

Applebee's Topped Steaks & Twisted Potatoes Review

Applebee’s Topped Steaks & Twisted Potatoes menu is available for a limited time this season so be sure to plan your visit soon. Starting at just $12.99, it is a great deal for steak and potatoes too! There are many locations in the Akron, Ohio area including Fairlawn, Green, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, and Wadsworth. Find your local Applebee’s here.

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