COOKINA: Reusable Grilling Sheets – Father’s Day Gift Idea

Does your husband or father love to grill? Doug would grill everyday if he was home early enough to do so. His dad grills all the time too. I noticed they never grill anything beside meat. I wondered what might make grilling veggies more appealing and COOKINA had the answer. A  reusable grilling sheet, but would it work?

Cookina Grilling Sheet

I received product to facilitate this post.

What is a COOKINA Grilling Sheet?

The COOKINA grill sheet is a thin PTFE (PFOA free) coated non-stick fabric.  Set the aluminum foil aside! The Reuseable Grilling sheet will make you want to try cooking everything on the grill. It is temperature resistant up to 500 degrees.  It has a surface area of over 15 inches by  over 19 inches.

Cookina Grilling sheet

 How do You Use a Grilling Sheet?

It’s so easy. I started by cutting mine in half since our grill isn’t that large. Lay it down on the grill and put the food on top. That is it! (Wash before 1st use though.) Make sure it’s at least a little smaller then your grill surface for air flow.

Grilling Portabellas with Cookina

How do You a Clean Grilling Sheet?

It’s so simple.  A little hot water, a bit of soap and use the included scrubber and in less then one minute I was done cleaning my COOKINA Grilling Sheet.  It was so much easier then cleaning the grill grating.

I have a Gas Grill, Can I still use a Grilling sheet?

You bet your bottom you can!  You can use the COOKINA’s Grilling Sheet with BBQs, microwaves, gas/electric ovens and grills!  I loved using the COOKINA Grilling Sheet to cook veggies on , but you can cook anything on it. I think trying eggs while camping would be nice.

Yummy Grilling

Where can I buy one?

You can by your own COOKINA Grilling sheet at Home Depot, and on COOKINA’s Website.

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