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There are so many pizza choices in Akron, below is a compiled a list of Akron’s Best Pizza. With a side-by-side comparison, pizza lovers voted on the following pizzas, noting what they liked best about each. This is not a top 10 list, it is alphabetized. 

Continental Cuisine

Continental Cuisine is known for their fabulous Mediterranean food. Their pizza is no exception; it is a blend of authentic flavors and favorite toppings. Their Spinach pizza was the favorite white based pizza in the comparison.

·The Spinach pizza burst with flavor with every bite of the generously topped spinach, fresh cut tomatoes, sprinkled feta cheese, slivered onions, and Italian seasonings. The olive oil white sauce base is mouth watering and tangy. The vegetables are chunky, firm, and fresh. This pizza will be devoured, so grab your piece first.

·55 Ghent Rd, Fairlawn, OH 44333 330-864-1777

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

The new American Legends Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch was a delicious flavor combination and a favorite non-tomato sauce pizza for the comparison.

·The hand tossed crust was thick and soft. The smoky bacon and chicken combination was surprising, yet pleasant. The chicken was tender and ample, cut in large strips. This pizza is loaded with cheese from the crust to the top. If you want to try something new that is familiar, this is the pizza for you.

·There are more than a dozen locations in Summit county, find the closest one online.

·2970 W Market St, Fairlawn, OH 44333 330-864-3133


Donatos Pepperoni Pizza

Donatos offers the best in abundance of toppings with edge-to-edge toppings. Donatos is the favorite for amount of fresh toppings in the comparison.

·Their best-selling pepperoni pizza is set on their signature thin, crisp crust. The fresh provolone cheese smothered the fresh tomato based pizza sauce. The pizza was pilled high with more than 100 pieces of pepperoni filling every available space, including right up to the edge of the pizza.

·There are 8 Donatos stores in Summit County, with drive up windows. See website for nearest one.

·Fairlawn Location: 3890 Medina Rd, Akron,OH 44333 330-668-2133


East of Chicago

East of Chicago Taco Pizza

East of Chicago has the best taco pizza available anywhere, noted by the taste testers. They also have the best thick pan crust; always hot and soft on the inside, with a bit of a crunch on the outside.

·The taco pizza cannot be matched. It offers the perfect selection of mild Mexican flavor with the freshest toppings. Toppings on this pizza include mildly spicy beef, chunky salsa, fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, black olives, sour cream, and cheddar cheese. It is a Mexican food lover’s dream pizza. The taco pizza is great as leftovers, served cold.

·There are 8 locations in Summit County, see website for nearest one.

·2723 W. Market St, Fairlawn, OH 44333 330-836-3303


Leonardo’s Cheeseburger Pizza
Leonardo’s Cheeseburger Pizza

Leonardo’s surprised and tickled our taste buds with their cheeseburger pizza. It was the most surprising pizza in the comparison.

·The Cheeseburger pizza tastes exactly like a fresh cheeseburger but on a soft, thick pizza crust that is made fresh daily. It is filled with cheddar cheese, hamburger, ketchup, mustard, and pickles. The concept is a bit hard to imagine but every person who tasted it was surprised and delighted. It is like a juicy, flavorful burger – only better. Many people said it was the best pizza in the comparision.

·Winner of “Best Pizza in Summit County” Award by the “Akron B-J”

·103 Ghent Rd, Fairlawn, OH 44333 330-836-7600

Mr. G’s Pizzeria and Wings

Mr. G’s Tomato Pizza
Mr. G’s Tomato Pizza

Mr. G’s wins hands-down for the best pizza sauce in the comparison and also for the most impressive size.

·The gigantic pizzas were presented nicely. The large slices of pizza were baked on a slightly thin, hand tossed crust. The sauce was phenomenal; a homemade recipe straight from Italy.

·Mr. G’s pepperoni pizza is topped with fresh, savory cheese, and a generous supply of tasty pepperoni.

·The tomato pizza is beautifully designed with large, thin slices of tomatoes arranged on top, sprinkled with fresh ground seasonings on top of cheese and fresh tomatoes.

·2955 W Market St, Fairlawn, OH 44333 330-836-1111

Papa Johns

Papa Johns Italian Meats Trio
Papa Johns Italian Meats Trio

Papa Johns offers the best of traditional pizza with the highest quality ingredients in this comparison.

·The Works is pilled high with meats, fresh vegetables, and oozing with cheese. This is a very filling, satisfying pizza.

·The Italian Meats Trio has a kick that makes this pizza extraordinary. The combination of spicy Italian sausage, ham, and salami with a zesty tomato sauce is just enough to jolt your taste buds. It is covered with mozzarella, parmesan, and Romano cheeses.

·Their pepperoni pizza is a classic, pilled with fresh, strong pepperoni. The thick layer of sauce is so fresh that you can actually differentiate the taste the tomatoes and seasonings.

·There are 9 locations in Summit County.

·1885 W Market St, Akron, OH 44313 330-867-8000

Pizza BOGO

Pizza  BOGO Napa  Valley Pizza
Pizza BOGO Napa Valley Pizza

Pizza BOGO offers the most unique flavor combination and most stimulating visual presentations of all pizza tasted.

·Bombay pizza is a combination of flavors and colors that play with your senses. It was loaded with vegetables and large pieces of Tandoori Chicken.

·Greek pizza has chunky toppings of sweet red onions, black olives, diced tomatoes, and chicken breast. The roasted garlic oil base and feta cheese make the pizza burst with Greek essence.

·Napa Valley pizza has a creamy basil pesto sauce and chunky pieces of asparagus, artichoke hearts, red onions, and yellow roasted tomatoes.

·Ranked #1 in Case Western ReservePizzalympics

180 W Streetsboro St # 7 Hudson, OH 44236-2755 330-342-3333

1392 North Portage Path Dr, Akron, OH 44313 330-865-7777

Rizzi’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

Rizzi’s Pepperoni Pizza
Rizzi’s Pepperoni Pizza

Rizzi’s has a flare for Italian foods, including a great pizza pie. Their pepperoni pizza was a favorite for traditional, home made tasting pizza in this comparison.

·The crust is thick and soft on Rizzi’s pizzas, made fresh daily. The pepperoni pizza was topped with layers of cheese and pepperoni to satisfy every mouth full of pizza. There is no doubt that the sauce is made fresh with a great authentic Italian recipe; it is layered thick and is full of dynamite flavor.

·Voted Top 10 by Akron Beacon Journal’s Best Pizza Contest

·2809 Copley Rd, Copley, OH 44321 330-666-1221


Serena’s West

Serena’s West Chicken Ranch Pizza
Serena’s West Chicken Ranch Pizza

Serena’s West pizza was the best for distinctive layered flavor. The blend of ingredients is remarkable and when you taste the pizza, you enjoy each layer of flavor.

·The Chicken with Ranch specialty pizza was very appetizing. The presentation was attractive. The crust was soft and set with a garlic butter white sauce. It was topped with grilled chicken, crisp bacon, provolone & mozzarella cheeses, and artistically drizzled with ranch dressing. It is an excellent combination of texture and flavor that is well-balanced.

·1st place in Melting Pot Award

·32 Sand Run Rd, Akron, OH 44313 330-869-2122

What’s your favorite slice in Akron?

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