Health Focused Food Made Fresh for You at #BIBIBOP Asian Grill

My family was first introduced to BIBIBOP Asian Grill last fall during a trip to Columbus. Now, every time we visit Columbus, we always stop at BIBIBOP for a meal. BIBIBOP is a health focused casual restaurant that prepares food fresh and fast for you to enjoy to-go or in their dining area. BIBIBOP is set up like a Chipotle or Subway restaurant where your food is prepared before your eyes while you make the choices for a rice bowl, salad, or wrap filled with a healthy mix of rice, quality meats or tofu, fresh vegetables, and sauces. SAM_1243

I received meals to facilitate this post.

BIBIBOP Asian Grill

What I like most about BIBBIBOP (besides the taste!) is that it is all healthy. You don’t have to sacrifice health for convenience while dining out or getting a meal to go.

First, you choose whether you are having a rice bowl, salad, or wrap. We have always order rice bowls because the purple rice is amazing! You can also order white rice or a mixture of the two.SAM_1248

Second, add your base. Choose any or all of the following: bean sprouts, sauteed potatoes, and black beans. Third, add your protein. Choose between chicken, spicy chicken, steak, or organic tofu. The meats are super tender and lightly seasoned with Korean spices.

Fourth, add toppings! I lvoe all of the vegetables to choose from including kale, carrots, corn, cucumbers, daikon, cheese, and lettuce.  You can also order a side of kimchi, pineapple, and edamame. Finally, add your sauce. Our favorite is Yum Yum sauce, it is the best. You can also choose Spicy Sriracha (my son’s favorite), Teriyaki, and Korean Red Sauce (my husband’s favorite). I usually add both Yum Yum and Teriyaki to my rice bowl.
SAM_1250There is also a sauce bar where you can add additional sauces to your bowl – this is good if you want to taste-test everything.  The menu is right above the food and the attentive employees will help you order if you have any questions.


BIBIBOP is our favorite casual fast restaurant. My family enjoys trying new food and we like a wide variety of food. When we decided to take a road trip with  two other moms and their kids to Columbus, the first thing my kids wanted to add to our itinerary was BIBIBOP.  I wasn’t sure how well they would like it since I knew a couple were picky eaters but we couldn’t resist going to Columbus without first stopping at BIBIBOP, so we took the chance. I can honestly report that everyone loved it! There is so much to choose from that it is impossible to leave BIBIBOP hungry, even if you are a little more picky with your food choices.

The combination of all of the vegetables with the sauce and rice is unbelievable. If you’ve never had it before, it may sound like it is a stir-fry but it isn’t anything like that. It’s hard to explain how delicious a bowl full of these healthy toppings can be so addicting but it is. I’m craving a bowl right now as I type this and already looking forward to my next trip to Columbus in May so I can stop by for a bowl. SAM_1258

They also offer free miso soup near the sauces. It is a mushroom broth soup that is really good for you packed with probiotics and nutrients. bibibop-free-miso-soup

The portions are very generous and the price is very inexpensive. Most are $7 with the exception of steak that is $7.25. You’ll probably have a hard time finishing your meal and have to take leftovers home – which is excellent for lunch the next day. Kids meals are only $4.45 and hearty enough for older kids with big appetites. Healthy, affordable, fresh fast food that you can feel 100% good about feeding your family is what BIBIBOP is to me.

The dining area is fun and modern with a variety of seating arrangements from a private booth area to large bars and tables that can accommodate a dozen or more people.
We love BIBIBOP so much that my kids requested we try to mimic it for their family birthday party over winter. It wasn’t too bad but not anywhere near how good it is at BIBIBOP. Next time, we’ll place a catering order!

BIBIBOP is Coming to Cleveland!

because this summer, BIBIBOP will be opening a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio at University Circle!  We are giddy with excitement.

111431 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 43212
Coming Summer 2017!

BIBIBOP will be opening in the Pinecrest development in Orange Village in 2018.


BIBIBOP originated in Columbus, so there are about 10 locations in the area. We tend to stop by the Polaris location the most often as it is right off the highway but we’ve enjoyed it at The Ohio State University location as well. We’ve had exceptional, fast, friendly service at both locations as well as a great meal.

If you are looking for a healthy restaurant to take your family to or meet up with friends, check out BIBIBOP in Columbus, Ohio or in Cleveland, Ohio this summer. Check out all of their locations here as they are expanding with new restaurants opening in Los Angeles, Maryland, DC, and Chicago this year.

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