What’s your favorite Chinese/Asian Restaurant in the Akron Area? – AOM Roundup

Over the past 10 years, the palettes and interests of Akronites have expanded from just standard fare (americanized)Chinese food to sushi rolls, thai cuisine, and vietnamese flavors.  I think that’s great!  With little kids in the house, we’ve not exactly hit every hot pepper flavored establishment out there yet, but, a little taste of sushi here and there doesn’t hurt!

Akron Area Chinese Food Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite Asian Restaurant?
  2. What’s your favorite Sushi place?
  3. What’s the fastest Chinese takeout in town?

For Me? My Asian favorites still rock out of Fairlawn- Hunan Dynasty is still awesome (next to Marc’s on Rt 18).

A-WOK is the fastest and cheapest lunch special food around (are they the cleanest?  Haven’t heard great things but they sell so much food on a daily basis in their hole in the wall behind McDonalds that nothing can sit in their location very long!)

and Sushi? well, Acme does a pretty good job- I KNOW that is silly and not super authentic, but its good!  We went to BIG EYE a couple of years ago, and that was REALLY good too.

What are your thoughts on my questions above?

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