Does Dairy-Free Ice Cream Taste Good? Tofutti Review

picture of Tofutti Milk Free Ice Cream

There are millions of Americans that cannot eat dairy products, whether based on health reasons or lifestyle choices. Tofutti Brands Inc. makes it possible for them to still enjoy frozen treats that taste like the ice cream treats we all enjoy with more than 80 dairy-free foods. Now, you can enjoy dairy-free frozen desserts, cheese products, and prepared dishes. Tofutti foods are all dairy-free and soy-based.

Why eat dairy-free Tofutti foods

Many people choose Tofutti products because of health issues and concerns. Tofutti products are  100% dairy free. This is good news for those with lactose intolerance, 70 million Americans are allergic to dairy. Other health issues that require diary free diets include asthma, kidney dysfunction, and autism require dairy free diets. 50% of Americans have cholesterol levels that are considered too high by the American Heart Association. Reducing cholesterol in your diet reduces the chance for cardiovascular disease.

Perhaps you have a life style that doesn’t allow dairy products. You can enjoy the great taste of ice cream with Tofutti even if you abide by Kosher Parve Religious Dietary Laws, or live a vegetarian or veganism life style.

picture of Tofutti Dairy Free Desserts
Tofutti Dairy Free Desserts

How to introduce new foods to kids

My family generally enjoys trying new foods. Although we do not life a dairy-free lifestyle, we were eager to try Tofutti products fort the fun of it. Anyway that I can incorporate healthier foods for my family is worth trying.

I know some parents who try to trick their kids into trying new foods. They tell them it is something else that they like in hopes that they will trick them into eating something new or good for them. I’m not one of those parents. I think it is important to tell kids the truth about what they are eating, the benefits of it, and for them to know what they actually like.

We have the 1 bite rule, you gotta try 1 bite of anything on your plate, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to finish it. And, even if you tried it before and didn’t like it, you gotta try it again if it is on your plate. You wouldn’t believe how many times kids change their minds about something they didn’t think they liked. If you don’t make them try items several times again, they will grow up thinking they don’t like a food because they didn’t once and you stopped giving it to them.

So, I told my kids that we were going to have a special night time snack of trying some new ice cream desserts. I asked them if they knew what ice cream was made of. They told me “Milk, of course”. I explained to them that this special ice cream is made of beans, soybeans to be exact.

Tofutti Dairy-Free Desserts Review

We had the opportunity to review Tofutti Cuties Ice Cream Sandwiches, Fudge Pops, and 3 varieties of ice cream.

Tofutti Cuties Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches Review

Tofutti Cuties are portion-sized ice cream sandwiches that are soy-based and not made of dairy products. The ice cream like filling is between two chocolate wafers. They offer a variety of flavors including: Vanilla, Cookies ‘N Cream, Totally Vanilla, Strawberry Wave, Chocolate Wave, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate Chip, Coffee Break, Wild Berry, Blueberry Wave, and Key Lime. I was able to find Vanilla, Wild Berry, and Chocolate at my local Giant Eagle.

picture of Tofutti Cuties
Tofutti Cuties

Tofutti Cuties are free of butterfat cholesterol and non-hydrogenated fat – absolutely milk-free ice cream sandwiches.

picture of Tofutti Cuties Dairy-Free Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches
Tofutti Cuties Dairy-Free Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches

So, what did my kids think? YUM! My husband and I agree that they taste just like “real” ice cream. The chocolate was my favorite, we also tried the Wild Berry which was good too. This is a perfect sized and tasting treat.

Tofutti Dairy-Free Ice Cream Frozen Desserts

Tofutti nondairy frozen desserts are available in pints, 3-gallon cans,and soft-serve. It was the 1st nondairy frozen dessert available at the supermarket. They offer all the flavors that you would expect from a traditional ice cream including: Vanilla, Chocolate Supreme, Wildberry Supreme, Vanilla Almond Bark®, Vanilla Fudge,
Chocolate Cookie Crunch, and Better Pecan®. We were able to sample Wildberry Supreme, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, and Better Pecan.

picture of Tofutti Milk Free Ice Cream
Tofutti Milk Free Ice Cream

Since we knew the ice cream was good in the sandwiches, I wondered how it would taste straight. My daughter went straight for the Wildberry Supreme. She liked it and so did I. It reminded me a little of sherbert mixed with ice cream – in a good way. My son went straight for the Chocolate Cookie Crunch. He liked it too. I thought it tasted like chocolate for sure and the texture was good but it was too much chocolate for me. Many people like a lot of chocolate and will like this. The important part is that it taste like ice cream, you wouldn’t even know it was made of soy protein and tofu. My favorite flavor is the Better Pecan Tofutti, it is the richest tasting Pecan ice cream I’ve ever tasted.

Tofutti Dairy-Free Totally Fudge Pops

Tofutti Dairy-Free Totally Fudge Pops are chocolate lovers dream come true! When I first told my kids that the new ice cream desserts we were going to sample made of bean products, Elijah, my non-bean eater said, “YUCK”. One bite of the Tofutti Totally Fudge Pops and my son was hooked. Daddy asked him how he liked it. Elijah said, “It taste like beans!… the BEST beans I’ve ever had!!!” with a laugh. LOL! Oh great, now my son is going to be asking for “beans” for dinner and expecting a chocolaty, delicious fudge bar!

picture of Tofutti Totally Fudge Pops
Tofutti Totally Fudge Pops

At least my 6 year old son gets it, he understands that Tofutti products are not made from traditional dairy products but that they still taste great! And that is why I tell my kids what they are trying and make them try new foods. I know I’ll be stopping by and sampling more Tofutti desserts once our supply runs out!

Buy Tofutti Non-Dairy Desserts

You can buy Tofutti Non-Dairy Desserts nationwide. Find your local store here. Local to the Akron, Ohio area, you can find Tofutti products at Giant Eagle, Acme, Mustard Seed Market, Nature’s Health Foods, Ritzman, and Krieger’s.

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