Do you know ANYONE who makes Swiss Cheese?

I came across this infographic this evening, and it says that Ohio is #1 in the production of Swiss Cheese. Now tell me, do you know anyone in Ohio that makes Swiss Cheese?  I mean really?  Is there some giant Swiss Cheese factory outside of Chillicothe Ohio that produces the cheese, and then a giant bubble making factory in Crooksville, Ohio that puts the bubbles into it?

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4 thoughts on “Do you know ANYONE who makes Swiss Cheese?

  1. Cindy says:

    Wow, Amy! You know alot about Swiss Cheese!!! I knew Amish Country was around the corner but had no idea how impressive their cheese making skills impact Ohio and what we are known for! We love going to Amish Country to take in the sights and slow down a bit.

  2. AMY W. says:

    There is also Heini’s cheese in Holmes county OH, Broadrun cheese in Sugarcreek, Brewster cheese in Brewster and a swiss cheese manufacturer in Minerva OH. We actually go to church at First Baptist Church in Berlin, OH in the center of all the Swiss cheese you could ever hope for, and so I actually do know people who make Swiss cheese for a living. Next time you come to Amish country you have to make a point of trying all the different cheeses. You can even watch the cheese being made through the week at Heini’s and Guggisberg. My favorite is Guggisberg baby swiss, but my husband loves Steiner’s. And if you are going to be buying cheese don’t forget the Trail bologna in Trail. You can actually only get the original Trail bologna in Ohio. (They can’t ship out of state) Sugarcreek even has a Swiss Cheese festival that’s a lot of fun. I believe it is in October every year, but I could be wrong.

  3. Janet says:

    Well, yeah. There’s Guggisberg in Millersburg (Holmes County) and Pearl Valley in Coshocton County, and Steiner in Baltic. There’s even an Ohio Swiss Cheese Association in Sugar Creek. Not sure why this is such a surprise to you.

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