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How many lunches do you pack a week? I pack at least 10, sometimes more if we are traveling. I admit that I would rather my kids buy lunches at school because it is easier – but not as healthy.

I pack my kids’ lunches every day to ensure they are eating well balanced, healthy meals. That is why I use EasyLunchBoxes for their lunches. EasyLunchBoxes are BPA-free, single-lid, 3-compartment, bento-style food containers that makes packing lunches easy and fast!


I received product to facilitate this post.

If you are looking for lunch box inspiration, check out the EasyLunchBoxes instagram feed for packing ideas.  Go beyond pb&j and lunch meat sandwiches – your kids will appreciate it and it really only takes a little creativity. Check out the EasyLunchBoxes Pinterest page for amazing ideas for lunches your kids will be guaranteed to eat!

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You may be packing your kids’ lunches and your lunch because of similar reasons – you want healthy meals for your family. Or maybe you want to save money – it is so expensive to buy school lunches or eat out every day at work. Or maybe your child has a food allergy and you need to ensure they eat foods not contaminated. EasyLunchBoxes will make packing quicker and easier for you, I promise.easylunchboxes

I’ve been using EasyLunchBoxes for a few years now and just now on my second set. They are durable even have 3 years of use, I’ve only had a couple start to crack after 3 years of use being sent to school in book bags and then tossed in lunch bag carriers at school and then popped in the dishwasher – that’s a quality product. The flimsy reusable / disposable containers that you find in stores cannot compare to the durability of EasyLunchBoxes.  In fact, check out the comparison here.

EasyLunchBoxes are refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe. I do like the new colors EasyLunchBoxes has. I chose brights for my daughter and urban (looks like camo colors) for my son!

pack healthy lunches with easylunchboxesMy kids have different tastes so I normally start with a base idea for each day’s lunch but switch out sides. I like to pack leftovers from dinner before as often as I can. I make sure there are fruits, vegetables, and a protein. I also tuck in a little treat a few times a week.easy lunchboxes

Presentation is everything when it comes to food. If you have a delicious plate of food in front of you, you’ll eat it. What I love about EasyLunchBoxes is that these food containers make it easy to pack healthy foods for my kids. They comment all of the time that their friends want to trade lunches! I personally take pride in that! More importantly, I take pride in knowing my kids are eating healthy lunches every day.

lunch-example3Since the EasyLunchBoxes provide 3 compartments, it is excellent for portion control and eliminates the temptation to buy and give my kids prepackaged foods. Another huge benefit to the 3 compartments is that the smells and moisture do not pass from one compartment to another. I can put a sandwich in one, juicy fruit in another, and crunchy crackers in another compartment and they will all be perfect when my kids open it at lunch. No more soggy food!

They even have mini dipper small containers to put condiments in, they fit right in the large portion of the container. I add ranch dressing for veggies, bbq sauce for chicken tenders, and peanut butter for apples.pack healthy lunches with easylunchboxes

My kids are Type 1 Diabetics, so that means we have to measure every single piece of food they consume, count carbs, and give them insulin for the food. This is a life-long disease with no cure but they can live long, healthy lives as long as they keep their blood sugar in check. That means eating healthy food and getting the proper insulin.  EasyLunchBoxes makes it easier for me to portion their food and provide them the right amount for their meal. Anything that helps T1D moms is a huge bonus for us!

EasyLunchBoxes will also save you money and the environment since you aren’t tossing disposable bags away every day.

I’ve also used EasyLunchBoxes for in-home use. It is perfect for storing leftovers, especially when you don’t have a lot of anything left. It sure beats tossing the food out. It is excellent for storing leftover taco toppings too – the onions don’t smell us the rest of the vegetables! Yay!

You can purchase a set of 4 EasyLunchBoxes on the EasyLunchBoxes website for $13.95.

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