Family Friendly Side Dishes with McCain Potato Products

A while ago, a lady behind me in the check out lane said she never buys frozen food because it isn’t fresh. I guess she didn’t agree with my purchases. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Frozen foods can be very nutritious, when done properly freezing actually locks in the nutritional value of products. In some cases, frozen foods offer even higher nutrient levels than raw. I mentioned to the lady that frozen foods can be just as healthy as fresh but didn’t get into much discussion with her. I should have since she had the nerve to judge my grocery selection.  I like buying frozen fruits and vegetables for several reasons. I never have to throw away spoiled food when it is frozen, I can use as little or as much as I want. It saves money. Plus, it is healthy for my family.

One frozen product brand that you will always find in my freezer is McCain. McCain offers a variety of potato products as well as vegetables, pizza, meals, desserts, and more.  Their pricing is right on too, making very affordable side dishes.

McCain Frozen Potatoes Review

I primarily purchase McCain potato products because they are family friendly side dishes that my whole family enjoys. McCain frozen potatoes are All Natural with no artificial flavors or colors. McCain makes the best fries! They offer every imaginable kind including steak cut, classic, crinkle, crisp, seasoned fries, as well as baby cakes, tater tots, and smiles. We enjoy variety, so McCain products are just perfect for us.

Personally, I like the McCain Spiral Fries the best, they have just the right amount of seasoning and are so fun to eat. Yes, even moms can enjoy the fun of eating the springy fries!  My kids think they are so fun too.

McCain Smiles
McCain Smiles

I normally buy a couple kinds of fries to have on hand but never purchased the McCain Smiles until this week. I’m not sure why because they are adorable and my kids think they are so fun!  They are similar to french fries with the crispy outside but inside is soft like a mashed potato. Yummy!  It is a fun and delicious side or snack anytime. You can cook them by deep frying or in a standard or toaster oven. We also bake our fries to keep them healthier and they taste great. If it is for a small snack, the toaster oven is what we do.  I’m really glad that I got out of our routine and tried our the McCain Smiles, they will be on my shopping list quite often now!

McCain Recipes

The McCain website has some really delicious looking recipes on it.  It really expands your side dish, main dish, and even dessert options using McCain products! I’m always looking for something new to serve my family.  You can even find recipes for the product you are browsing. For instance, the Smiles can be used in BBQ Cheesy Smiles, Smiles with Chili Con Queso, Smiles with Pizza Dipping Sauce, and Smiley Cheese Pizza recipes. What a unique way to showcase great recipes and an easy way for consumers to find a quick recipe using products they have at home.

I added McCain Smiles to a simple hamburger casserole for dinner. You can use the McCain Tater Tots too but I thought I’d give the Smiles a try. They taste great and my kids thought it was great finding smiles on their food. They had to make sure they were turned the right side so they could see them all smiling back at them on their plates!

Hamburger Casserole with McCain Smiles
Hamburger Casserole with McCain Smiles
Hamburger Casserole with McCain Smiles
Hamburger Casserole with McCain Smiles Covered in Cheese

I was watching a cooking segment on TV this morning. They were talking about how many side dishes to have at Thanksgiving. The rule of thumb is – you can’t have too many! That got me a little scared as I am hosting Thanksgiving for both my side of the family and my husband’s side of the family this year – on 2 different days. I need some recipes that aren’t time sensitive or labor intensive. I found several recipes that would be great as a Thanksgiving side dishes, especially if you have picky eaters in your house!
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