Find Local Farms in Ohio

Summer is unofficially here in Ohio.  Sidewalks are full of tomato plants and planted basil, hanging baskets are on sale for $8.97, and I’m ready for the abundance of fruits and vegetables that will find their way to my table!  I love the farmers market- seeing sometimes bulging fruits and vegetables barely contained by their skins.


One thing that I’ve learned, however, is that not every person knows where to go, what your options are, and what you can get!  I found a great site called  Besides the standard fair of teaching you how to compost, plant, and harvest your own goodies, they have a number of great lists.

  • Find out What’s in Season.
  • Find locations of local farms.
  • Find Locations of Farmers Markets
  • Get a list of local CSAs (Community-supported agriculture), buying clubs, or co-ops that get you your own vegetables reserved.

Local Farms are often just places you have to come across, hear about from a neighbor, or just plain figure out on your own- become a resource to your friends and family and map out a couple close by solutions for yourself!


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