Food Spoil Savior- Bisin- Food to Last for YEARS????

I read this morning of a recently discovered natural agent that kills Bacteria in Food.  It is called Bisin.

Recently discovered by microbiologist Dan O’Sullivan in Minnesota (GO DAN!!!) , this new agent:

  • Lowers the growth of bacteria like E. coli, and salmonella
  • Could allow sandwiches , Opened Wine, and Salad Dressing to stay fresh for more than a year
  • More food will be saved, and never tossed away again!

If this is really really better than any previous food preserver (dare I say preservative?) , and additionally being all natural- is this one of those things that lets us say “man, we’re living in the future now”. – I think so!!  What’s cool is because its all natural, it can SKIP all sorts of testing phases, and be put on the market in under a year.  Thank You Dan O’Sullivan!

Let me make some guesses about Bisin…

Somebody smarter than me will figure out how to:

  • Apply Bisin to those crazy green bags for vegetables
  • Market Bisin as a spray to put on your cooked leftovers
  • Replace other canning and jarring methods
  • Add Bisin to lunch meat for sandwiches that last, and last, and last
  • Use Bisin to maintain food supplies in third world countries
  • Apply Bisin  to water systems in undeveloped countries
  • Make Sushi Safer!

And what, if all of these things come true and do happen because of Bisin?

  • Food that’s canned or preserved might not need to be so canned or pickled with salt and vinegar- making it tastier
  • Beef Jerky won’t be Jerked!
  • Food will last Much Much longer- meaning less waste
  • Less Waste in the supply chain too- meaning food won’t be pitched before its delivered
  • Less worry for food recalls
  • Less Worry of leaving food out for more than an hour during a party

Sounds like the future to me.  Thank you Dan O’Sullivan- you will be my hero.  Have an unprofessional idea on how to use Bisin?  Comment below!



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