Must-Have Cookbook for Indoor Grill Users

I am blessed to have an indoor grill.  My Kenyon indoor electric grill gets used in some fashion probably 3 times a week.  I use it for straight out grilling, for browning, for pancakes, and what not.  It is the tool I didn’t know I would love and use so much!

But there certainly is a difference between indoor grilling and outdoor grilling.  My husband loves real charcoal- and that’s not something you can bring inside (something about a fire code?).  And there are definite differences with the space involved, heating, smoke, area, and accessibility of more ingredients!


I received this cookbook to facilitate this post.

The 125 Best Indoor Grill Recipes cookbook provides a few pages of extremely valuable hints and tips for indoor grilling- a indoor grilling 101 course, if you will.  It lists out suggested on hand tools and ingredients, and then of course provides recipes!


There are a few color photographs throughout the book, but most of the recipes simply provided clear, concise recipes.


I specifically like the recipes in this book because of its extra call outs for tips, and extra call outs for make ahead suggestions- things you should really know before you start out to the grocery store to grab something for a recipe! grill-recipes-oriental

I like the fact that this book is not afraid to take something as basic as a quesadilla, and change it up by adding mango and brie.  Flavors I never would have imagined in a quesadilla, but ones I KNOW I have to supply now!grill-recipes-page

It’s always a good time for quesadillas, right?!


This cookbook expands what I can make on my indoor grill year-round. I like the variety of recipes offered in this cookbook. It is a must-have if you have an indoor grill.


This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Robert Rose who provided the product for review.

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