Keep Food Cold, Fresh, and Safe this Summer with Freezable Lunch Bags!

Summer is around the corner which means summer sports, summer camp, road trips, camping, hot days by the pool or on the beach! Don’t forget to pack a healthy lunch, drinks, and snacks. United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service recommends that you throw out food that has been un-refrigerated for 2 hours, 1 hour if it is 90°F or more. How safe is the lunch you packed your kids?

I have been using PackIt lunch bags for years.  They are the lunch bags with built-in freezable gel lined walls that keep items cool for 12 hours! It is like carrying a refrigerator with you all day for your food and drinks. They work amazing for school lunches, camp lunches, road trips for healthy snacks and drinks, and even at the beach!

pack it beach

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There is nothing like having refreshing COLD drinks on the beach when it is 100°! The Freezable Deluxe Lunch Bag ($24.99) is 40% larger than the original PackIt lunch bags, making it the perfect size to carry more snacks and drinks for the whole family.

In fact, PackIt Original Freeable Lunch Bag ($19.99) was a life saver for us when my son was young. We were on vacation at the beach and he had strep throat. If it wasn’t for PackIt (and antibiotics), our son would have been stuck inside. We were able to take Popsicles to the beach with us and they stayed cold for a long time – even though PackIt is more of a “refrigerator” than a “freezer”!fruit bars

The Freezable Rolltop Lunch Bag ($19.99)  is like an accelerated classic brown bag in the size and shape. The taller design and slim profile make it perfect to pack inside a backpack or other bag to take along with you to day camps, the pool, beach, fishing, hiking, and camping.

PackIt Roll Top with Buckle The secure buckle seals in air to keep your food cold even longer.PackIt Roll Top with Buckle

I like the Freezable Lunch Bag ($19.99) because the the design is perfect for active kids and adults. You can clip the handle on a backpack – this is perfect for camping, hiking, day trips, etc.

packit-largeThe Freezable Mini Lunch Bag ($15.99) is a smaller bag that is perfect for road trips for healthy snacks (cheese sticks, yogurt, fruit) or for young kids that require a smaller lunch. It also folds down to the thickness of a thin paperback book that fits easily into even the smallest of backpacks. This is also the perfect size to keep vials of insulin (a real lifesaver) or medication that requires refrigeration while traveling.


The Freezable Classic Lunch Box ($19.99) is a more traditional lunch box that loads from the top. It keeps lunch organized and easy to access for kids. I like that there is a buckle on the handle that can clip to backpacks or other bags to keep lunch with your child’s belongings! You can add a small water bottle on the outside if you’d like too as most camps require kids to bring a water bottle with them.


The Freezable Uptown Lunch Bag ($24.99) is a modern messenger style bag that is roomier for larger items like salad containers or for kids with a bigger appetite.  It is also the perfect size to keep healthy snacks for the whole family on a road trip, camping, or at the pool or beach. There is also a dry compartment to keep items that don’t need refrigerated like crackers.


Another must-have this summer is a Freezable Grocery Bag ($24.99) to keep your groceries fresh and safe from your hot car and commute home. Items like meat, dairy, fruits, veggies and frozen foods can spoil quickly so it is essential to get those items into a freezable grocery bag as soon as you checkout at the grocery store.

Freezable Grocery Bag

When you are down, fold it down flat and place in the freezer. Freezable Grocery Bag

As you can see, PackIt has a large variety of freezable lunch bags and other bags to keep your food cold, fresh, and safe this summer. The bags above are just a small sampling of the styles, sizes, and designs. It is really a matter of preference on how you will use your PackIt freezable lunch bag and who will use it. We use PackIt lunch bags every day for school lunches, sports, in the car, and on trips. I couldn’t live without our PackIt bags – they make it convenient to eat healthier – and safer all year long, but especially in the summer.

Trust me, you will use it a LOT and end up buying more for your entire family. I even give them as gifts and people love them.

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