KiZMOS Fun Kitchen Accessories Review

Want to liven up your kitchen with fun accessories? The KiZMOS line of kitchen tools, gadgets, cookware, and cutlery are super fun with bright colors and happy smiling faces on every item. These items are very affordable and so fun to use.

Fun Kitchen Accessories Video

My first thought when I saw them at the International Home Show this year was that kids would like them. Then I thought, “Wait a minute, I like them too!” I am a kid at heart and enjoy having fun. Don’t you? Instead of boring, standard kitchen gear, switch it up with KiZMOS fun kitchen accessories and have fun in the kitchen again.

Fun Kitchen Accessories

Whether you are just starting out on your own and want kitchen tools to reflect your carefree spirit or you are a mom of kids who like to help you in the kitchen, KiZMOS brings out the kid in all of us that likes to have fun. I was able to review a good deal of their collection and let me tell you, they have put a smile on my face every time I use them. How can you not smile when using this brightly colored kitchen accessories that are smiling back at you?

KiZMOS Kitchen Brush Review

The one item I use the most in my kitchen is my scrub brush.  This cute kitchen brush has been my happy companion for the last couple weeks happily cleaning cutting boards and all sort of dishes – with a happy smile on it’s face. 🙂

picture of KiZMOS Kitchen Brush
Fun kitchen brush

The  KiZMOS Kitchen Brush is easy to hold while scrubbing pots and pans. It has a large surface of bristles too, making it quick and easy to clean with. It comes in a variety of color combinations.

KiZMOS Can Opener Review

Until now, I’ve just had a simple can opener, nothing exciting.  Not only is this can opener super fun with bright colors and the happy face, but it works really well. I was surprised at the smooth-gliding operation. I didn’t realize that my old can opener wasn’t doing a good job until I tried this one. It is easy to grip and use. Love that it is dishwasher safe – especially after opening tuna cans!

picture of KiZMOS Can Opener
KiZMOS Can Opener

It is available in 4 different color combinations.

KiZMOS Bag Clips Review

These colorful bag clips are fun to stick on any magnetic background like the fridge to display artwork, pictures, etc as well as for a bag clip to seal up the chips.

picture of KiZMOS Bag Clip
KiZMOS Bag Clip

They are easy to use and brighten up any surface. My kids think they are super fun to display school papers and artwork on our refrigerator too! These are fun kitchen accessories that are also very functional. I ordered two more sets!

picture of KiZMOS Bag Clip
Colorful Bag Clips

KiZMOS Turner Review

I have used many kinds of kitchen turners but nothing like this fun kitchen turner. It actually has slots on the surface that makes up a very happy face. It is adorable! It glides easily under foods for easy turning.

picture of KiZMOS Turner
Happy Face Turner

It is sturdy too, my friend was over making home-made meatballs the other day. When the food began to stick, she started scrapping at the bottom of the pan with my KiZMOS turner. I was afraid it would harm the turner but not a mark was left. I was very impressed that it isn’t just a pretty face, it is a great fun turner.   Of course, it is also dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

KiZMOS Pizza Wheel Review

This pizza wheel glides and cuts smoothly with the whimsical smiling face and trendy color combinations. I have used it several times to cut pizza (although I forgot to take a picture!) and it has works very well. I even use it to cut the crust off my kids’ sandwiches, it makes it so easy to do that I hardly feel like I’m spoiling my kids by doing it. 😉

picture of KiZMOS Pizza Wheel
KiZMOS Pizza Wheel

KiZMOS Measuring Cups & Spoons Review

The one thing my kids like to help me with most is baking. This requires a lot of measuring. The KiZMOS Measuring Cups & Spoons are so fun and colorful. My kids think they are so fun and so do I!

The 4 measuring cups come in different colors with smiling faces at the bottom of each. They are durable with easy to read measurements on each.

picture of KiZMOS Measuring Cups
Colorful Measuring Cups

The measuring spoons are too adorable too. They are the most fun measuring spoons I’ve ever seen. They come in many bright color combinations to liven up any cooking or baking experience. How can you not smile and have fun when using these products?

picture of KiZMOS Measuring Spoons
Happy Face Measuring Spoons

KiZMOS Ice Cream Scoop Review

When it comes to ice cream, there isn’t much needed to make it a fun occasion. However, if you have a less than dependable ice cream scoop, it could get ugly.

picture of KiZMOS Ice Cream Scoop
KiZMOS Ice Cream Scoop

The KiZMOS Ice Cream Scoop gives you one happy scoop after another!  It is lightweight, yet sturdy. This simple ice cream scoop comes in a variety of colors and is dishwasher safe.

picture of KiZMOS Ice Cream Scoop
Using Ice Cream Scoop

As you can plainly see, I have really had fun updating my kitchen with the fun kitchen accessories by KiZMOS. They make cooking and baking fun. Although items like the pizza wheel aren’t safe for kids to use by themselves, most of the items will have your kids wanting to help in the kitchen even more. Kids learn so much in the kitchen, I highly recommend cooking with your kids. Adding KiZMOS items to your kitchen is sure to encourage a love of cooking with your kids.

KiZMOS is a Lifetime Brands company. Find out more about KiZMOS and other Lifetime Brands on the Lifetime Brands website.

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