Finally, a Great Tasting Natural Sugar Alternative

Are you looking for a natural sugar alternative for sugar like me? I’m always searching for healthier, less carb options for my family. I don’t want an artificial sugar – there are so many out there! I want a natural sugar alternative that is healthy for my family.

I was able to check out Xlear’s Lite&Sweet this month with my family with a selection of products to review. Lite&Sweet is a blend of erythritol and xylital – naturally derived from plant sweeteners. lite-and-sweet-rack

Lite&sweet sugar alternativeThere are a number of reasons to make the switch to a natural sugar substitute like Lite&Sweet. Many add it to their lives to reduce the amount of sugar intake their family gets.

Did you know that the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar or 400 calories and 92 carbs from sugar daily?!  Adding Lite&Sweet drastically decrease that number! Try just 120 calories and 0 carbs for the same amount of Lite&Sweet!

Lite&Sweet has 0 net carbs per serving compared to 18g for sugar!  Lite&Sweet is also 75% less calories than sugar.  Plus, there is no aftertaste that some artificial sugars leave.

Lite&Sweet can be used just like traditional sugar to sweeten drinks, for cooking and baking, and more.

Lite&Sweet measures cup for cup like regular sugar – other sugar substitutes, especially those derived from monk fruit have different measurements that can be confusing.  I like that Lite&Sweet is easy to use in any recipe because of the one to one ratio.  Plus, it melts and cooks just like sugar. add-light-and-sweet-baking

It bakes well! You can tell that these chocolate chip cookies have 0 carbs from sugar per serving compared to 9 from traditional cookies! That brings the total carbs in a chocolate chip cookie to just 3 instead of 12 each! AMAZING!baked-cookies When I received these samples, I only had 1 Type 1 Diabetic child, now I have two. :( I’m even more thankful for a quality product now.  Since we have two Type 1 Diabetics in our family, we count every single carbohydrate in every meal, every drink, and every dessert. Too many carbs/sugar isn’t good for anyone, but especially those with medical conditions. light-and-sweet-baked-cookie

Another benefit of Lite&Sweet is that it is the most ‘tooth-friendly’ sweetener on the market today. Research shows that the combination of erythritol and xylitol actually offers proven dental benefits. I’m always talking about oral health as it pertains to caring for your teeth with toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, etc. Sweeteners are just as important when it comes to oral health of our teeth, something I’m sure my kids’ pediatric dentist would agree with.

Besides Lite&Sweet, Xlear also offer Xylo Sweet, which is still less carbs and calories per serving compared to sugar with a sweeter taste.

Consider adding Lite&Sweet to your family’s diet as a great sugar alternative.

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