Love your water with True Lemon: A Review

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Are you drinking the recommended 8 cups of water a day? Can’t stand plain water? Can’t handle the extra calories with sugary powders added to water? I’ve found an easy way to reach the 8 cups of water per day quota, True Lemon.  True Lemon products not only makes water taste better but it adds the benefits of Vitamin C too!

How can True Lemon help me drink more water?

Recent studies show that the refreshing taste of true lemon helps people drink more water per day.  2/3rds in the study drank more water when using True Lemon. Almost 50% said they increased their water intake by 3-6 glasses!  If it taste better, people will drink it. I’ve found the same thing is happening to my family. True Lemon is easy to take with you anywhere and gives your taste buds something to be happy about.

What is True Lemon?

True Lemon is 100% natural, made from real fruit that is cold pressed and crystallized. It adds flavor and Vitamin C to your water with 0 calories and 0 carbohydrates. True Lemon comes in other flavors too like True Orange, True Lime, and True Grapefruit. They also have delicious powdered drink mixes for lemon-ade and raspberry lemon-ade, sweetened with natural Stevia for only 5 calories per serving.

True Lemon Review

Before being introduced to True Lemon, I had never heard of crystallized lemon. I love making fresh lemonade with fresh lemons and lemon juice, so this was the perfect test for me and my family.

True Lemon Lemon-ade

True Lemon Lemon-ade comes in Original and Raspberry flavors. At just 5 calories per serving, this is a refreshing and light way to enjoy lemonade. I take the single serving packets everywhere to make lemonade for myself and kids. It tastes great, I don’t miss all the calories and sugar found in other lemonade powered mixes. It is made with 100% natural sweetener Stevia and 100% all natural lemon. I like them both but especially like the raspberry flavor. Each box comes with 10 packets.

picture of True Lemon Lemonade
True Lemon Lemonade

When I’m feeling especially cheap, I’ll get water from McDonald’s and add my True Lemon-ade packet for a refreshing drink. 🙂

picture of True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade is convenient
True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade is convenient

True Lemon For Your Water

If you just want a bit of flavor to your water, try True Lemon For Your Water. There are 10 single serve packets in each box containing 0 calories, no preservatives, and 100% all natural lemon, orange, lime, or grapefruit. It actually adds a lot of flavor with no sweeteners. I can see myself getting away from my high calorie drinks and possibly losing some weight by switching to True Lemon. I’m such a baby when it comes to what I like to drink, if it doesn’t taste good (like plain water all the time), I’ll reach for something that does. Now, I’m reaching for True Lemon…let’s see if I notice any weight loss…

picture of True Lemon and True Orange for water
True Lemon and True Orange for water

I even brought True Lemon along on our OBX vacation. Perfect to add to a bottle of water at the beach or pool where it is especially important to stay hydrated. Sugary soft drinks are not going to cut it in the heat!

picture of True Lemon on beach
True Lemon on beach

My favorite is True Lemon, although the lime and orange are good too. I haven’t tried the grapefruit yet.

True Lemon for Cooking, Baking, and Beverages

True Lemon for Cooking, Baking, and Beverages comes with 32 packets. Each packet is 100% natural Lemon or Limes with 0 calories and 0 sugars. Each packet is the same as 1 large lime or lemon wedge. There is a handy chart on the box explaining how many packets is equal to a TBSP, medium lime, 1/4 juice, etc. Simply add the packet with the noted water.

picture of True Lemon and True Lime for cooking, baking, and drinks
True Lemon and True Lime for cooking, baking, and drinks

This is a much easier way to have lemon and lime juice on hand. I don’t know how many bottles of lemon juice I’ve had to toss that has gone bad. Plus, I don’t always have fresh lemons or limes around the house for my cooking and baking needs. Now, I do and it takes up less space and doesn’t bruise or spoil. I have thrown away too many lemons that I had good plans on using but didn’t before they got fuzzy and yucky in the fridge.

True Lemon Crystallized Lemon and Lime

I have used this product more than all the rest. True Lemon and True Lime Crystallized comes in a jar that is easy to scoop out your desired amount of crystals for cooking, baking, and seasoning. It has a shaker top so you can shake it on your meats, fruits, vegetables, salads, and more. You can even use it in place of salt at dinner. I just find it easier than the packets for cooking in the kitchen. (although the packets are nice for their portability)

picture of True Lemon and True Lime Crystalized
True Lemon and True Lime Crystalized

Buy True Lemon Products

You can buy True Lemon products nationwide. In the Akron, Ohio area, you can find True Lemon products at Giant Eagle, Walmart, Kriger’s Health Foods, Buehlers, and Heinen’s. Get a $1 off True Lemon Coupon here. Find your nearest location here or buy on

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