MUST-TRY! Delicious Gluten Free Breads and Wraps by BFree

BFree Gluten Free Bread

Do you have a gluten intolerance? If you feel awful after eating a sandwich, you may have a gluten or wheat intolerance.  Not so long ago, if you had to eat gluten free foods, all you had to choose from was dry, crumbly breads that taste terrible. Thankfully gluten free products are improving.

I had the opportunity to receive several BFree Wheat & Gluten Free products to review for this post.

BFree Gluten Free Bread
BFree products do NOT contain wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts or soy, making the entire BFree product line free from all major allergens—and completely vegan. I know a couple people that live a gluten-free and dairy free lifestyle, this has been difficult for them.

Like I said, many gluten free products taste terrible and had a horrible consistency.   My kids wouldn’t touch them! I served BFree to my kids and they didn’t even notice any difference!

Delicious BFree Gluten Free Breads

Who could resist this sandwich? Can you tell it’s gluten-free?

BFree Gluten Free Bread
This sandwich is made with 2 slices of Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf.  It is made with a unique blend of flours, starches, proteins and fibers with sunflower seeds and golden linseeds – no wheat, no gluten! This combination makes the bread taste delicious and have a great texture and consistency.  I know this is a simple thing, but I really like how BFree slices their bread, it is sliced on its side to look like ordinary bread and to give you a bigger slice for hearty sandwiches.

Since my kids are Type 1 Diabetics, I look at carbohydrates on everything they eat. I was so impressed that there are only 8 net carbs per slice of bread when fiber is added into the equation.   This bread is fiber-rich, making it healthier for everyone, especially carb-counters like me.

BFree also offers a Soft White Sandwich Loaf that is just as tasty, especially for Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.

BFree Gluten Free Bread
This has to be the best gluten-free bread that I’ve tasted and it looks like ordinary bread too.  The breads taste great and are so soft. You do need to keep in the freezer until you are ready to use. If I don’t plan to eat the bread within the next couple days, I freeze it.

Delicious BFree Gluten Free Wraps

My family enjoys eating wraps in many ways, we add meat, cheese, and veggies for a hearty lunch wrap, we make our own tortilla chips by toasting wraps, we use wraps to dip into hummus for a quick and healthy snack, we enjoy them warmed with a little butter with dinner.

BFree Gluten Free Wraps

My kids love when I make my PB&J Fruit Sushi recipe. Simply add your favorite fruit to a BFree wrap of your choice, peanut butter, and jelly for a delicious and appetizing snack/treat. BFree Gluten Free Wraps

We used both the  Quinoa and Chia Seed Wrap with Teff and Flaxseeds and the Multigrain Wraps for the below PB&J Fruit Sushi. This is a great way to pack nutrition into your kids’ lunches and snacks.  BFree Wraps are nutritious, full of the goodness of Super Seeds and extraordinarily high in fiber and protein. It is more than just a vehicle to wraps foods in, BFree Wraps are so nutritious that they are a large factor in the overall nutrition of any meal.

PB&J Fruit Sushi
I like that the BFree wraps easily roll up without falling apart, something that many gluten free products have a problem with.

We’ve also enjoyed BFree wraps with quesadillas, including PB&J Queidillas. A few simple ingredients that are heated on the stove top can quickly become lunch or even a dessert when you add fresh fruit and whipped cream on top.

BFree Gluten Free Wraps

This is a healthier version of PB&J that kids love!

Peanut Butter Quesadillas Recipe

I like that the entire wrap is on 13 net carbohydrates when you consider the amount of fiber in each wrap. For wraps this size, ordinary wraps can be more than double that amount of carbs!

Eating Gluten Free

Although my family doesn’t experience food allergies, we have friends and family that do, so I am often buying gluten-free products to serve them.  I have to tell you that I am so impressed by the BFree wheat and gluten free line of products. Even though we have a choice between gluten free and not, my family has enjoyed eating gluten free this month with delicious wraps, breads, and rolls.

I have a couple family members that live a gluten-free life style because of gluten intolerance. I gave them some BFree items to try. They came back with raving reviews, especially for the rolls and breads. They said they were really good. I knew that we liked them but it meant a lot to hear from people that eat gluten-free exclusively. They’ve tried all the brands and thought BFree was one of the best!

Finally, avoiding wheat and gluten can taste good and be even nutritionally superior than ordinary foods. You don’t have to lose out on taste, texture, or consistency any more.

If you are looking for inspiration for gluten-free recipes, BFree has a variety of gluten-free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes.

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